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Not sure if I really like those subjects

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    I am currently a college freshman finishing up my second term. About an year ago, I was absolutely determined to study mathematics or physics in college and pursue graduate studies. I ended up choosing math, took intro analysis (analysis seems to be more appropriate due the content of this course rather than calculus) and intro algebra in my first term, and miserably suffered, especially in analysis.

    I loved learning concepts of pure math, but when it came to applying those concept to assignment problems, well I thought I might end up in a mental institution.

    Now I don't even know what I want to do. One moment I make up my mind to get a degree in other subjects like statistics, but it's not quite like I spend my free time to read first few pages of some math textbook.

    SO in summary
    I like math than any other subject. But I am not good at it. Should I still do it?
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    Taking both analysis and algebra as a freshman seems a bit daunting. Have you had exposure to more abstract math/proof writing before hand? Before analysis/algebra, I had taken an abstract linear algebra class (which surely helps in an abstract algebra class) and introduction to number theory class to help introduce me to abstract thought and proof writing techniques/methods. I ended up doing fine in both analysis and algebra but I don't know if I would have had the same success if I dove right into it as a freshman!
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    No one is born good at anything. if you're really passionate about something that is challenging, you have two choices, give up or work harder. but if you find out it isn't your passion then don't be afraid to look for something else. but you need to give yourself the oppurtunity and time to improve and progress. even if you fail a class the first time doesn't mean you suck at it, some people need more time to learn. you havent truly failed until you've quit.

    maybe the two courses are too much for you to handle for a freshman like the above said.
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    These courses are designed for first year students, but somehow they constructed the reals in the first week and so on. A lot of people succeeded in these courses though.

    The problem with me, I guess, is I ask for a lot of advice, get pumped to take a challenge, and then get miserably depressed by the rigor. lol...
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    You don't like the rigor?
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    Sorry, I meant the difficulty of the problems.
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