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Now to program a sine divid by a sine function in Excel?

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    This is part of the simulation program in Antenna field pattern. One part involve finding the position of the peak where:

    [tex]AF=\frac {\sin\;Nx}{sin \;x}\;\hbox { where N is an integer.}[/tex]

    The peak is at x=0 and the AF=N. But excel do not accept this and call out as "DIV 0" error. Is there any way to program it so when x= 0, it will show AF=N?

    THis is like sync function when x = 0. I don't know whether this is the right place to post, but this is the best I see fit.

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    Hint: apply l'Hopital's Rule as x approaches 0. Then in Excel, test when x = 0 and use the appropriate expression for AF.
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    I'm not sure of your context, but what about using the IF statement? For example, if you name one cell x and another cell N, something like this

    =if(sin(x) = 0, N, sin(N*x)/sin(x))
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    I'll check the excel program.

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