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Nuclear Decay Earth Sun Distance

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    This is an interesting observation to explain. Nuclear decay rates change depending on the earth's distance from the sun.

    The logical conclusion is some solar parameter directly affects the earth in a manner that affects nuclear decay rates.

    It is interesting to note that there is a phase lag. That is to say there is a delay in the affect to reach peak and there is a delay in the affect to reach minimum. That observation supports the assertion that there is a build up and a build down associated with what every is causing what is observed. One hypothesis presented in the paper is that solar neutrinos somehow change nuclear decay rates. A problem with that hypothesis is that as neutrinos travel at the speed of light and do not build up or build down, there would be no delay if neutrinos were the cause. The neutrino hypothesis does not explain the phase lag.

    Curiously the sun our nearest star is not understood. There are multiple sets of solar observations that do not have an explanation and that concern fundamental solar processes.


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