Nuclear fuel cycle boc eoc boec eoec?

Hello everyone!

I have my first question in physics forum...

When I read some reports I found those terms that can not be understood...

'BOC', 'EOC', 'BOEC', 'EOEC'...

BOC and EOC are used frequently and I know those terms shortly but not exactly...

but I can understand boec and eoec and what is difference between them...

is there somebody can explain those to me and let me know some documents that explain those terms??

In the future, always include a link to what you are reading so that we can check it out.

I'm not sure the context of your reports, but Begining-Of-Cycle End-Of-Cycle are frequent terms referring to fuel refuel cycles.


BOC - Beginning of Cycle
EOC - End of Cycle

I'm not sure about the other two.... Do you have some context?

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