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Nuclear fuel cycle boc eoc boec eoec?

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    Hello everyone!

    I have my first question in physics forum...

    When I read some reports I found those terms that can not be understood...

    'BOC', 'EOC', 'BOEC', 'EOEC'...

    BOC and EOC are used frequently and I know those terms shortly but not exactly...

    but I can understand boec and eoec and what is difference between them...

    is there somebody can explain those to me and let me know some documents that explain those terms??

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    In the future, always include a link to what you are reading so that we can check it out.

    I'm not sure the context of your reports, but Begining-Of-Cycle End-Of-Cycle are frequent terms referring to fuel refuel cycles.
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    BOC - Beginning of Cycle
    EOC - End of Cycle

    I'm not sure about the other two.... Do you have some context?
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    Yes need context. Maybe ...Equilibrium Cycle?
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