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Gap Conduction in Nuclear Fuel rod Performance Codes

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    Hi, everyone!
    I'm doing a research in gap conduction calculation models in popular nuclear fuel performance codes. I want to make a sensitive analysis in their behaviors, but unfortunately, I just have access to FRAPCON package. is there anyone who can help me to gather some of the codes outputs results for the same input?
    I will be really appreciated.
    Contact: najafi.pouyan@gmail.com
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    What does one mean by popular?

    Frapcon is readily available to academia and licensing authorities. Otherwise, fuel performance codes are proprietary, and not accessible without a license.

    One could look at published manuals and probably determine the gap models. Is this for open, closed, or open and closed gaps. The open gap is influenced by assumptions of gas composition, mixing and jump distances in the fuel and cladding, whereas closed gap depends on contact resistance.

    One could use a gas mixture model for He, Xe, Kr, and may be some air, or nitrogen, since oxygen usually interacts with the metal cladding, and make some reasonable calculations knowing heat flux and gap thickness. An integrated code of course will also compute gap with fuel thermal expansion and cladding creepdown, so gap will be power and burnup dependent.
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