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Nuclear fusion and bernouilli's principle

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    Could Bernouilli's principle be used to cause nuclear fusion.Instead of spherical targets for lasers to strike what if we had funnel shaped targets - lots of them - with their apices all meeting in roughly the same region of space.Lasers beams could strike the wide ends of the funnels and force deuterium into the narrower parts of the funnels where it would pick up speed. Or would there be too much back pressure?
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    You don't want to have the deuterium pick up speed. Recall Bernoulli's Principle states that
    the faster the material moves - the LOWER the pressure. You don't want fast moving LOW
    pressure deuterium.

    You want to have HIGH pressure STAGNANT deuterium. That's what a spherical implosion
    gives you. Forget Bernoulli.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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