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News Obama Adminsitration Seeks to Overturn Questioning Law

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    Why? Because less criminals will get off due to technicalities?
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    It doesn't take away our Miranda rights, that is the right to remain silent. It just allows cops question interview suspects. It basically removes a loophole a criminal might use as a technicality to get out of prosecution.
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    No, it has't scared the hell out of me. Why it even should?
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    Well, if you engage in illegal activity you should! :)
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    it's just the first step in the direction of the Socialistic State that Obama seeks to establish.
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    I don't disagree what Obama's intent might be but this particular law has nothing to do with that. And it wouldn't be the "first" step, more like the 9th.
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    Socialist State? From law reform to Socialism in 6 posts flat.
    I'll take a guess that these excellent first steps are bad thing in some minds.

    Well done Pres. :approve:
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    On the surface this looks fine. On paper, a suspect will still be able to keep his mouth shut until his lawyer arrives. In practice, I don't know if it will be so cut and dry. I'm concerned about cops bullying suspects into thinking they must submit to questioning. What I imagine is a new training program for police officers, which trains police how to question a suspect, which amounts to mental abuse by scare tactics, until they submit.

    Call it a step towards socialism, or call it law reform. Doesn't matter, just as long as you realize it's a strengthening of the police state, which is scary on it's own.
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    Are you planning something? Is that why it scares you?

    But I must say it is heartwarming to see you concerned about protecting the rights of the under-represented, of the weaker and down-trodden elements of society.
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    :confused: What police state?

    Have we gone from a socialist state to police state while I wasn't looking?
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    You think an ROFL smiley takes the place of good argument, which makes you a fool. And as a general rule, I don't mix words with fools. If you care to act like you have some sense, I'd be happy to explain the OP's reason for calling it socialism, the police state, and any other political topics you'd like to learn about.
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    I doubt if Obama has much time to spend on this.
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    Thanks, but I already have FOX news for that.

    Oh , btw the OP did not call it any kind of state. That came in post #6
    The police state came at post #9
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    I don't understand how this is related to
  17. Apr 24, 2009 #16
    :rofl: The hypocrisy! It kills me! :rofl:
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    I'm usually on the side of law enforcement. Typically, if you are in police custody there is a good reason. Nobody is under-represented in my book. You can chose not to answer questions by the police. And, I am concerned about the rights of everybody, wether you would deem them "weaker and down-trodden" or not.
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