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Occupational statistics for recent college graduates

  1. Jul 3, 2013 #1
    Does anyone have links to statistics detailing the plans of most recent American college graduates? For instance, about what % of 2012 graduates are going into graduate school? What percent of graduates are becoming full-time employees? What % are becoming waitresses, car mechanics, restaurant owners, miners, engineers, sales agents, programmers, teachers etc.? I've been curious about this... Google seems to offer lists, but none backed by data that I've been able to find...

    Perhaps someone interested can lend my search a hand and comment on anything they might have noticed?

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  3. Jul 5, 2013 #2
    Yes, http://www.aip.org/statistics/trends/emptrends.html

    Check out the stickies. Especially the Cosmology one. Lots of links in there.

    edit: was going to find the exact link for you, but I am short on time this late morning. Apologies, good luck hunting!
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