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Homework Help: Odd question, adding cols and rows can't get it!

  1. Feb 14, 2007 #1
    Code (Text):

    Column1 Col 2   Col 3   Col 4   Col 5
    Row 1   A   #   A   3   E
    2   E   A   #   C   3
    3   3   E   A   #   C
    4   C   3   E   A   #
    5   #   C   3   E   A

    Substitute every # in an odd-numbered row with a 6. Substitute every C in an odd-numbered column with a 4. Which

    pair of rows and columns, when their numbers are added together, equal 13?

    Answer: Row 3 Column 1

    When I do what they say i get:

    row 1: A 6 A 3 E
    row 3: 3 E A 6 C
    row 5: 6 C 3 E A

    well if u add row 1, 3, or 6 u get 9

    for the columns I got:
    col 1: A E 3 4 #
    col 3: A # A E 3
    col 5: E 3 4 # A

    total for col 1 = 7
    total for col 3 = 3
    total for col 5 = 7

    How did they get row 3 column 1 = 13?

    THank u
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    Well, why didn't you substitute the last C in row 3 (which is in column 5) with a 4? That is an odd problem. What on EARTH is it for? Obedience training???
  4. Feb 14, 2007 #3
    whoops that was a typo,
    i got it, once i do that i didn't relaize they wanted me to plug it back into the matrix..

    actually this is a problem on IBM's entrance exam, I got interviewed for an internship and the next step of getting hired is to take an exam.

    i'm afraid to start it, they are easy questions but they are timed, and you don't get much time and its very easy to make a small mistake, they have 3 parts to the exam this is the "matrices" part but they don't seem to be asking any matrices questions, just information handling, so who knows how this will go!
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