Of All The Animals to Bring to a Grade School Birthday Party

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    tsk. That Richard Gere and his Hamster. :rolleyes:
  4. Yep pretty idiotic indeed. Animals are animals, even if they are trained to remain calm they should not really be trusted with young kids.
  5. "State wildlife officials said Oltz failed to use a barrier to protect the children, as a judge had ordered her to do after a previous attack."

    Wow! It's not even the first time!
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    What kind of parent hires a cougar for a small child's birthday party?
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    It's so sad that this question even has to be asked....
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    Someone (Goya Foods president Francisco Unanue) with a lot of money and exotic tastes.

    Where was the adult supervision of the children? How was it that a 4 yr old was allowed to sneak up behind the trainer and cougar? Where were the parents?

    The trainer should cerainly should have had some kind of barricade to keep children away.
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