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American Horror Story - For Real This Time

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    I live just outside of Philly. This story broke over the weekend and went national (albeit weakly) yesterday:


    The basics:
    -They were kidnapped apparently to steal their disability checks.
    -Four is now twelve, including two children apparently fathered by one of the four first found and a niece of the ringleader, tortured nearly to death and missing for 11 years.
    -The ringleader spent 8 years in jail for murdering an ex-boyfriend in 1981 -- by locking him in a closet, until he starved to death, for refusing to pay child support.
    -An additional fifty IDs were found in the ringleader's possession. The media is being disturbingly quiet about speculating on their fate. I suppose as bad as it is, speculation that it could be far, far worse is tough to think about.
    -The kidnappers apparently have moved around in order to evade inefficient social workers. A city official touted their capture as evidence of the superiority of Philly social services as compared to other cities/states. No doubt that care is much improved in the five years since subcontracted social workers rubber-stamped forms instead of checking on an at-risk girl, who subsequently starved to death at the hands of her parents.

    I think what disturbs me most about this is the motive. Greed. In other cases, such as the one in Austria a couple of years ago, it is easy to write them off as simple deviants. Just plain crazy. But greed as a motive? Everyone has greed to one extent or another. It is a normal feeling that in this case was taken to an abnormal extreme.
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    nothing surprises me anymore
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    A nasty case indeed.

    It is Belle Gunness again, with a unique and grotesque twist.

    However, it seems in general keeping with the "standard" female serial killer to kill out of the greed motive (in contrast to male serial killers), from the Wikipedia entry on serial killers:


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    That sounds like an episode out of the X-files, unbelievable..
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