Of the three main sciences: physics, bio and chem which did YOU find hardest

  1. i wonder if many people like me and think it physics that very hard and bio easiest.
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  3. I'm guessing most people will agree. Physics and math are difficult because they actually test your ability to think and learn. Many subjects just test your discipline, and not at a very high level.
  4. I might be the odd person out then, 'cause chemistry's always been my worst subject (of the three), probably 'cause I couldn't relate stuff back to the physical world quite so easily as with the other two fields.
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  5. Chem and bio
  6. I'm not a fan of chemistry... at least, not the homework and tests
  7. i think it probably depends on how your brain is wired, which you find easier. is your brain left/masculine, or right/feminine, or somewhere in between? i would expect physics to be the most left/masculine, bio the most right/feminine, and chemistry in the middle, requiring more balance of the two thinking styles.
  8. Female here, always rocked out bio and do well enough in physics to be finishing an engineering degree, never managed chemistry quite as well. I think some people just don't lean towards some fields and that's about it. And generally I'm the biggest cheerleader for/participant in inter-disciplinary stuff, so I don't think it's the left/right divide either.
  9. that's an interesting combination. are you in bioengineering?
  10. It has to do with how much you enjoy the subject. I've always hated english so I did poorly even though my engineering classes are probably 5x1 workload more. If you don't enjoy it, you don't pay attention or love to learn. So you do bad... This is why my gpa actually is raising when I do high level engineering instead of gen eds.
  11. Computer engineering, where girls are few and far between. I also have enough credits for a major in psychology, am a writing tutor, and will hopefully be starting a PhD in computer science next year. It works really well together if you think about it hard enough. And way back when I started, I wanted to make electronic children's toys.
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    Biology. No contest. How do people manage to memorize the functionality of the components of the nephron or the functions of glucocorticoids without getting major headaches?
  13. I thought most people come to Comp/Elec to avoid Chemistry/Biology.

    I hate Bio/Chem passionately without any reason. I neither like pure math or physics but tend to work backwards from an application problem towards the theory.
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