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B Okun argument against relativistic mass - pedagogy

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    this wiki link is down. does anyone know the title of the Okun paper or have a link?

    "For many years it was conventional to enter the discussion of dynamics through derivation of the relativistic mass, that is the mass–velocity relation, and this is probably still the dominant mode in textbooks. More recently, however, it has been increasingly recognized that relativistic mass is a troublesome and dubious concept. [See, for example, https://www.worldscientific.com/phy_etextbook/6833/6833_02.pdf [Broken].]... The sound and rigorous approach to relativistic dynamics is through direct development of that expression for momentum that ensures conservation of momentum in all frames:"

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    I have never read the original so this may be it.

    thank you

    ETA - skimmed it, looks totally what I was expecting.
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    The late professor Okun came here about 3* years ago to question us about this topic. It's nice to see his work gets credit from continuous interest by students.

    *Actually 4, see the link in my post below.
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    Who was he, what was he like?

    Sometimes its hard for me to think of people I am so amazed by like many of the folk that post here doing just mundane stuff like going to the store to buy milk, bread and a newspaper etc.

    In many ways we are so much all the same but some are just so good and advanced at what they do I can only marvel at them and wonder how.
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