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B On the topic of neutrinos' masses

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    Although I do not have the technical qualifications to understand to mathematics of quantum field theory, I happened to come across a preview of a book called The Electron by Dennis Morris on Amazon. While reading the preview I came across this sentence: "The solution of the neutrino mass problem is that neutrinos are massless but the squared neutrino field is massive ---- quaternions can be like this." Neutrinos as I understand them actually have mass, so is this statement accurate? Also, if the answer can only be expressed clearly, mathematically, then feel free to do so. Lastly, I hope this is the appropriate place to submit this. Thank you.
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    No, it is not.
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    And to extend that answer: the statement does not make sense at all.

    "Apples do not have mass but the squared apple flavor has one hour - like cars"
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    This is exactly what I expected. I figured it was nonsense but I had to make sure. Thanks!
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    One more thing: do any of you know who Dennis Morris is? I can't seem to find out who this person is. Not sure about you, but this kind of fishy.
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    Never heard of him, based on some Amazon book descriptions he looks like a crackpot.
    The descriptions of the books are often nonsense, the books are all self-published and they are not sold in any relevant number. And then there is this great customer review:
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