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One more impulse problem Hopefully

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    a good bunter pulls the bat back right as contact is made with the ball. Why is this so?

    1 This action decreases the impulse of the bat on the ball
    2 This action increases the impulse of the bat on the ball
    3 This action increases the average force of the bat on the ball
    4 This action decreases the average force of the bat on the ball

    a) 1 only
    b) 2 only
    c) 1 and 3
    d) 2 and 4
    e) 1 and 4

    What I know so far is that because he pulls the bat back it makes the Time larger therefore the force is smaller meaning that 4 is correct but I dont think the impulse decreases or increases. What do I do next?
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    Do you know the meanings of impulse and force? Not the formulae, but an actual understanding of each? If you can comprehend what an impulse and a force are each actually measuring, you can understand this question in no time.

    I'd suggest going over the chapters in your text related to each. Once you understand them, this will be no sweat. :)
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    Pulling back on the bat during a bunt helps to keep the ball from bouncing hard back out into the field. You want to have the ball slowly roll out after a bunt. So what can you say about the change in momentum for a hard bunt versus the soft bunt?
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