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One must log-in before they can view a multiple-page thread?

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    I suddenly came across this issue. I know for sure that I used to be able to click on a multiple-page thread and view it. But I can't now. I can view the first page of the thread, but not the second or the third, and so on...
    It's not very convenient, IMHO, as I usually wandering through all the boards on the forums before signing-in.
    Is it a new feature, or is the forums misbehaving?
    And does anyone experience the same thing?
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    George Jones

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    I, too, am experiencing the same thing, and I, too, prefer sometimes to lurk, i.e., not to have to log in.

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    Thanks for the heads up!

    We've been having some glitches since the server move last week. Greg or chroot will look into it as soon as they're able.
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    It's actually something I've been playing with as a way to increase registrations and logins. Booo lurking :wink:
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    But you may shoot yourself in the foot as it is no longer possible to link others to discussions here, which also may have tempted them to register.

    Just an observation.
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    Visitors can read/link the first page of discussions, I figure that would wet their apetite enough.
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    Suppose someone has previously logged in. How do they ensure without having to quit their browser that their name doesn't appear during subsequent visits? I see no log out button and I think in the interests of privacy that you should at the very least provide one.
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    Now we just need some eye-catching titles for threads! :cool:
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    There is a log out link at the top right and bottom right of the site.
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    I like this new feature...:smile:
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    Log Out has always been there, if that's the feature you are referring to.
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