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Online Binary converter capable of 64 digits and has explain answer

  1. Apr 14, 2013 #1
    Online Binary converter capable of 64 digits and has "explain answer"


    Does anyone know if there is an online binary converter similar to this one:

    but can take 64 digits (bits Im guessing) instread of just 24?

    The key thing I like about the site mentioned is that it has an "explain answer" button which gives you the powers of two right there - the other sites I have found can convert - but does not have this feature. Thanks!
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    Why do you need that?
    WolframAlpha can do this
    It can show you the individual components if you look up their numerical value separately.

    I would expect that even the windows calculator can do it (edit: confirmed), and any spreadsheet/simple program which can handle 64bit-numbers.
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