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A torque converter is a type of fluid coupling that transfers rotating power from a prime mover, like an internal combustion engine, to a rotating driven load. In a vehicle with an automatic transmission, the torque converter connects the power source to the load. It is usually located between the engine's flexplate and the transmission. The equivalent location in a manual transmission would be the mechanical clutch.
The main characteristic of a torque converter is its ability to increase torque when the output rotational speed is so low that it allows the fluid coming off the curved vanes of the turbine to be deflected off the stator while it is locked against its one-way clutch, thus providing the equivalent of a reduction gear. This is a feature beyond that of the simple fluid coupling, which can match rotational speed but does not multiply torque, thus reduces power.

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  1. Y

    Need suggestion on a FREE PDF converter to convert word doc to PDF

    As described. I want to convert word doc to pdf. I know there are free converter online and all. I want suggestion on a safe proven that people here use. Thanks
  2. core7916

    What is the issue with my boost converter design and how can I fix it?

    Hello, I am designing a simple boost circuit, in which I have convert output of 200v. i am testing the idifferent input voltages , 12, 15 and 24v supply. But in each time there is no change in voltage in duty cycle- 20% -40%. like example. i am giving input as 12v. outputs are. duty cycle -...
  3. manoj1996

    Trouble building a Buck Converter

    Hii i have design PCB Board and i have solder components i have given input Vin=32V and Vout= 12V but i am getting Vout= 29V. Please check any changes in my schematic.
  4. B

    Flyback Converter Magnetic Flux Calculation

    Hi I am designing a flyback converter. The calculation (.jpg file) is based on Daniel W. Hart Power Electronics book. The transformer model consists only of an ideal transformer and its magnetizing inductance (or "primary inductance" in some textbooks). The datasheet of the transformer's core...
  5. core7916

    Designing a 28V --> 200V power converter

    I need to design a circuit which takes around 28V of input and outputs the 200v with 20A. Can any one help me.
  6. PhysicsTest

    Can LCL Filter Convert AC to DC for Half Bridge Section?

    I am trying to simulate the active converter, I have seen in you tube video the output of the grid 3 phase voltage is given to LCL filter, the output of the LCL filter is then given to the half bridge section. I assume that the output of the LCL filter is a DC instead of the sine wave, as it is...
  7. C

    Sources of voltage ripple in buck converter

    I am reading a book 'Fundamentals of Power Electronics' - Erickson. The book begins with a buck converter and the assumptions that we use so that we do not have to deal with 2nd order equations. I will first explain what the book says What the book says? The book says that the LC filter of a...
  8. PhysicsTest

    Designing a 24-100V to 12V Buck Converter Circuit

    I need to design a Buck converter circuit with the following requirements 24-100V (2 - 10 Amps) to 12V (20 Amps) Output. From the net i could get the below circuit. First major question is, do i need to interface a micro controller to achieve the functionality to drive the MOSFET? I am...
  9. rudransh verma

    Analog to digital signal converter in digital cameras

    I am reading How computers work and I don’t grasp it. So how is light ultimately get transformed into a beautiful picture on screen in a digital camera? I have got D5200 Nikon. It’s a nice begineers camera.
  10. ARoyC

    High Pass Filter Working Principle

    A few days ago, I learned to make an AC to DC converter. One question is troubling my mind. How does a High Pass Filter Capacitor work? Going through some websites I got a sketchy idea. As the current after passing through the bridge rectifier comes to capacitor, the capacitor starts charging...
  11. sodoyle

    Synchronous Buck Converter Switching

    For a synchronous buck converter, does soft switching have to be implemented? I assume there will be some ringing if not. If soft switching is required/recommended, can it be implemented on just one of the switches to simplify control and still have most of the benefit?
  12. sodoyle

    Building a Buck Converter Using the LT1170

    Hi, I am trying to use an LT1170 to convert between 25-50 Vin to 5 Vout. Actually, I would like to keep a constant 5 V out regardless of the input. To do that I know the input would have to be 5 V plus any voltage drops with a 100% duty cycle but it's going to be low current so large duty cycles...
  13. P

    Engineering Small signal AC modeling for a boost converter with resistive losses

    I've attached my attempts at the solution and the actual question below. I believe the only issue I am having is I don't know how to get rid of "I" in both my final inductor and capacitor equations as the HW states I shouldn't have anything in term of I. I believe I need to put "I" in terms of...
  14. Ntip

    Capacitor type selection for power converter

    I am looking at capacitor selection for a switched capacitor converter and I'm not sure which voltage rating to look for. I've was going to consider the DC rating since they're holding off a DC voltage, but they are subject to PWM excitation since they're switching between nodes at different...
  15. J

    Electronics Designing a buck converter with feedback and a regulated output

    I had a bunch of questions regarding the feedback component as well as the feedback mechanism itself. 1. I am using the attached schematic as reference for my design. As per the LM2576 module data sheet, it can handle a maximum current of 3 A whereas I need the IC to handle at least 15 A...
  16. Ntip

    Feedback controller design for boost converter

    I recently started looking into a boost converter design that would be no load most of the time which causes it to operate in DCM. After calculating the duty cycle D, it is dependent on Vi, Vo, L, f, and R. The load R and output voltage Vo are fixed, but I would like to vary the other parameters...
  17. Ntip

    Boost converter duty cycle in DCM

    Hi, This is not a homework problem, I am trying to analyze how various parameters affect a boost converter operating in DCM most of the time. The input and output voltage is fixed so I will eventually like to sweep parameters for D, L, T, Vi, and R. R is less important though. Here I am using...
  18. HelloCthulhu

    DC 20kV flyback converter schematic in multisim

    I found this schematic while watching the following video on building a DC 20kv power supply: I wanted to test the circuit in multisim, but I'm having trouble finishing it. None of the transformers available look like the one used in this schematic. Below are the transformers available on...
  19. gumby4231

    Buck Converter with USB-C output

    I have a https://www.lattepanda.com/products/lattepanda-delta-432-with-win10-pro-activated.html single-board computer. For my project, I'd like to power it from a 12V tractor battery if I can. I also have the option of powering it via the JST ph2.0 4P 12V DC connector. I discuss this option with...
  20. il postino

    Chemistry Concentration greater than 100%?

    Hello! When I want to convert 75% g/g of a solution to % g/ml, I get a concentration greater than 100%. it is right? is this possible?
  21. D

    I don't know how to use a buck converter....

    you are suppose to be able to vary the output current of a buck converter. how do i vary the output current of a buck converter? i am just trying to make sure i know how to use a buck converter.
  22. D

    I tried to build a flyback converter

    i tried connecting flyback converter to, i think it was 3 18650 lithium ion cells, and using a, i think it was a 3.5 ohm resistor. i got a reading of 3.5 amps then i got a decreasing reading. then one of the 18650 lithium ion cells overloaded. it is now damaged. is there any way to pass 3.5 amps...
  23. D

    Troubleshooting a Boost Converter Circuit

    i built a boost converter, but it is supposed to boost 4 volts to 8 volts. the multimeter i am using says 0.36 volts. here is the circuit i am using. there is a resistor between the arduino uno and the transistor, i forgot to include that. each resistor i rated 1000 ohms. the capacitor is rated...
  24. K

    Buck converter will power LED's but voltage divider will not....

    Summary: Am seeking help understanding why when I take my battery (50V max 44 nominal; 15aH capacity; 12s5p) and attempt to step down the voltage that sometimes it works and sometimes not... Hi all, New to forum. Chemical engineer seeks help from electrical engineers... Thanks for reading...
  25. D

    I am confused -- how to bias the diode in a boost converter?

    i have been researching how to build a boost converter. according to the articles i have read, when the switch is closed current flows through the switch to the negative terminal. when the switch is opened, the back emf from the inductor and input voltage add, which forward biases the diode. i...
  26. M

    Engineering What is a 3-bit Digital to Analogue Converter and How Does it Work?

    There is an example of a two bit DAC in the notes but not a three bit DAC. Three digital inputs results in 8 analogue outputs: 23 = 8 Digital Inputs_________Analogue Outputs CBA 000____________________0 001____________________1/12 x 24 = 2 V 010____________________2/12 x 24 = 4 V...
  27. D

    Unable to build a boost converter

    I have tried building a boost converter. It did not work. How do I get it to work? I used the circuit I found on...
  28. S

    Problem with my Pspice simulation on a converter

    i have some green circle apearing on my simulation components as in the picture... please help me to solve that problem
  29. C

    Is this an AC/DC converter circuit?

    I found this circuit (attached images) in an insulated pouch inside my basement's smoke detector compartment. It gets power from the hot line that feeds my smoke detector, and outputs power to a mystery load through a second outgoing romex wire (no idea where it goes). All my smoke detectors...
  30. E

    DC to DC boost converter malfunctioning

    Hi, I would like some assistance with a DC to DC boost converter that isn't powering the load I require. The boost converter is one I purchased online. It is a DROK numerical control regulator, 900 watt boost converter. Boost converter specs Input voltage DC 8-60 volts Input current DC 0-15...
  31. M

    FM converter (mixer) -- I don't understand

    Hello, Can somebody help me,to explain me this circuits this is converter, but i really don't understand how it works( i understand mixers, you put rf to base and local oscillator to emiter, but this is a litlle bit complicated)
  32. Sid55

    Buck-boost converter output current limiter

    How can I get around current limiter of this buck-boost converter to achieve a lot higher current output than max rated current output for a very short amount of time ? Does having high continuous current discharge power source at the input help it in any way ? This buck-boost converter offers...
  33. E

    Problems with a boost converter

    I have a DC to DC boost converter that I purchased. It is a DFrobot DFRO123. I tested the unit by putting a DC voltage supply of 6 volts in the Vin terminal and connected the negative of the supply to the ground terminal. Then I connected a volt meter to the Vout and ground terminal. The boost...
  34. akkex

    How Does a DAC Converter Work?

    Hi guys! I´m doing a project of electronics if anyone can help me to realize it or to see the theory questions i can try to do it. 1. Homework Statement Problem one (figure 1) 1)Two DACs are connected in the manner indicated in figure 1: a)Deduce Vo based on Vb and B (t). b)For what values...
  35. J

    Understanding SCRs for a Sound-to-Light Converter

    I have this chart from 1973 seems this is all the SCR's they had what I wanted to know is when it says typical gate trigger current is this the minimum needed to turn it on or is the maximum it can handle? I built this sound to light converter. What I can't figure out is it says SCR's latch on...
  36. J

    Converter not starting up once line input voltage connect

    Hello guys, I have designed and built a prototype with the aid of PI Expert Designer tool according to the following characteristics: - Vinput = 85-305Vac - Voutput / Ioutput = 12Vdc / +700mAdc I also attach you the schematic of the converter, which was taken from DER-528 application note (14...
  37. J

    Ripple frequency of three phase half bridge converter

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Three phase half controlled bridge rectifier can have 3 pules at output or 6 pulses depending on firing angle. The Attempt at a Solution Ripple frequency is m times the input frequency where m is number of pulses. It can be 3 or 6. So why have they...
  38. J

    Coupled inductor boost converter - Ripple current

    I am trying to calculate the ripple current in boost converter for ∆i1 and ∆i2 between time intervals between DT and T, and also dependent on the voltage level (Vin or Vin-Vout). To find a formula for ∆i1 and ∆i2, two formulas have to be derived for them. This is done from the equation: I...
  39. J

    Buck Converter (Step Down Chopper Derivation)

    Hi, I'm studying Choppers and I'm struggling with derivation of Buck Converter. As per equation 13.3 if I solve it ahead I get Vs D T - Vo D T = - Vo T + Vo D T Solving this ahead I get Vs (D T ) = Vo (-T + DT + DT) Vs (DT) = Vo(2DT - T) Vs D = Vo (2D - 1) Vo / Vs = D/(2D - 1) Not sure how to...
  40. J

    Average current in single phase bridge converter SCR

    << Mentor Note -- thread moved from the technical forums, so no Homework Template is shown >> I'm studying controlled rectifiers and for full wave bridge rectifiers the notes(that I'm studying from says) It says that the average load current is Id / 2 I don't understand how. Why should the 2...
  41. Y

    Electrical Engineering - Buck Converter, Prevent Saturation

    Homework Statement I need help with part b- A buck regulator is supplied from a 12VDC source and outputs 5VDC at 4 A with a PWM switching frequency is 100 kHz. Answer the following then: a- Determine the continuous conduction mode inductance (L_CCM). b- Compute the inductance for the...
  42. S

    What is the reason for harmonics in dc-dc converter?

    There is a nonlinear switch in every dc-dc converter.Is it the reason of harmonics in output voltage?
  43. M

    Converting ADC for DC Output: Homework Statement and Solution

    Homework Statement There is no analog signal . It just is DC . How can I convert ADC for output of Vo ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  44. Mzzed

    Understanding 'C Code' & 'No.' in Buck Converter Regulator Datasheet

    I have recently come across a datasheet for a buck converter regulator that uses the terms "c code" and "No." for certain capacitors but when going to the manufacturer datasheets for these capacitors they make no reference to any "c code" or one single number for a capacitor. If anyone could...
  45. Brandon91man

    Understanding DC/DC Converters: Simplifying the Basics for Solar Panel Systems

    Hello, I am trying to understand DC/DC converters because I want to use some with my solar panel system and I want to understand exactly how to use them in general. The videos I've looked up are confusing and I can't seem to find something to read that will help me understand. Is there some...
  46. G

    Can I Use 500W Voltage Converter on 110-127V Appliance?

    I am bit rusty on my physics. I hope some of you can help me and check if what I have done is correct. I have an appliance which is rated for a voltage range of 110-127 volts, drawing 4.5 amps. I would like to use it on 220 volts using a 500 Watts converter. However, I just wanted to make sure...
  47. cnh1995

    Inverter for 3-phase fully controlled Thyristor converter

    I am helping a group of my friends for writing microcontroller code for their final year project in EE. They are building a small model of HVDC system (fed from 3 phase supply), with microcontroller based converter and inverter. We are done with the coding for firing of the SCRs in the...
  48. T

    Boost converter output voltage spike on startup

    I'm trying to simulate a boost converter using multisim. I get this waveform Why does it spike like that at the start ?, is it because of the inrush current ?
  49. T

    Boost converter capacitor charging question

    I don't understand this part. When the inductor is charging, the capacitor current should be decreasing because its supplying the load. When the inductor is discharging (after DT), the capacitor should be charging and hence the current should be increasing, but in the figure its decreasing, why...
  50. T

    Maximizing Efficiency: The Role of Feedback in Boost Converter Switch Design

    I'm looking into the design of the control circuit for the mosfet. If I know the output voltage and input voltage then I can find the duty cycle required. I found this schematic that uses feedback Source https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/app-notes/index.mvp/id/2031 Why would I need feedback...