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Online Calculus 2 / Differential Equations for Credit?

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    Hello all! As it turns out, I have a condition that requires me to not be at a physical university this semester, but I would like to try and catch up a bit and also need to make my time off more productive.

    I would like to take a couple of math courses, particularly Calculus 2 and Differential Equations. Calc 2 is more important but both would be nice. I have checked out MIT's OCW and Khan Academy- they look wonderful! However, I would like to get transferable credit to a university. Unfortunately, my university will not accept transfer credits from a community college, but they do offer a placement test that would allow me to place out if I have sufficient knowledge, so it is not out of the question. Also I feel it would be helpful to have tests and accountability- please don't think this is a reflection on my intelligence. I DO enjoy learning, but I can't see myself self studying.

    I live in NYS, and am already paying $1300 for an out of state physics course (NCSU, highly recommend). Affordability is somewhat an issue but I expect to pay a decent amount.
    Most important I suppose is that it is self-paced, as most semester based classes have begun.

    I really appreciate anyone taking the time to read, and any responses would be very helpful. Thank you so much!
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    Coastline Community College might have one.
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    Hi! Thanks for the suggestions. Definitely considering the Canadian one; unfortunately the Coasline Com. College one has already started.

    @ Sankaku- I definitely would plan on doing Calc 2 first; however, I've learned a good portion of the material already, and thought perhaps if the courses are self paced I could finish Calc 2 and then move on before next semester. But thanks for letting me know.

    Also in my research I've found these-

    http://www.is.lsu.edu/coursefactsheet.asp?nid=301&Rubric=MATH&CourseNr=1552&Version=U ($346.00 = cheap!)

    I suppose I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these (or any other). Should I just go for the cheapest one I can find? Seems like most cover the same things.

    Thank you again!
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