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Online education question [physics]

  1. Dec 27, 2015 #1
    Hi, I've recently heard about some education that one can attend through online courses and get a diplome at the end which is internationally accredited, this is just an example and maybe they offer this because that education is in social sciences , I wonder how it is with areas like physics? I do understand that in physics in almoust all areas one needs to do some lab work etc which is impossible to do at ones home but still are there any such things in physics like an online diploma or just courses and educational help ?
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    I can maybe be of help after reading some of the other many, many threads asking this same question. You will need to tell us why you want to get a degree. If it's just for fun, and therefore the university's reputation doesn't matter, you have options. If you want to go to graduate school afterwards, you may be toast.
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    The only place that I remember reading about here, where one can get an online physics bachelor's degree, is the Open University which is based in the UK. I think even that is not completely online and you have to do some laboratory work at a partner "bricks and mortar" university.
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    I don't understand what you mean Dishsoap? Well my idea was , can someone get a first level university education (by first level I mean bachelor's or there are possibly other names given to it ).
    I am studying another bachelor online , but that isnt about physics.So in other areas it's more likely to do so through online courses but can something along the lines happen in physics?
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    Most residential components have been cancelled in relation to recent higher education public funding cuts. As far as I know there are not any left in physics. Nonetheless, based on the experience of myself and many others, a degree from the Open University is sufficient for admission to most (or all) Masters physics programs in Europe.
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    You'll find out 99.9% of online degrees, especially in the natural sciences/engineering, aren't worth the paper they're printed on. I don't know about Open University, I've looked through some of their modules and they seem okay on the US version of the website, although I would be worried about the lack of labs sections, research experience, and all that. If other's vouch for them, then it might be a good cheap way to go.
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