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Online learning resources for advanced physics...

  1. Dec 27, 2015 #1
    Hello people on this forum... I was wondering if someone has any advice for me or could at least push me in the correct direction.

    I recently found out that the online school that I was planning to to go doesnt offer high level physics... Actually, it's more basic than I had leaving high school. I currently almost have a bachelors degree in 4 majors as I never really cared about the degree but I love to learn...

    Physics is my absolute favorite field and I believe I could help to make useful advancements into the field... Maybe even get a job doing it but I am also disabled so going to a standard university is out of the question.

    The places that I have seemed to find are extremely expensive and I would have to use about 2 1/2 years of savings that I could receive from the business that I currently own. I dont want to work that long just to start learning the high level stuff as I dont know how much time I have left to live. Have a failed liver, kidneys, lung, esophogus, stomach(whatever that means), and without a transplant, I would assume probably 2-3 years.

    So, basically, does anyone have any ideas of how i could get into an online learning system? I definately dont have enough money to go into the online courses that I have found, as they are usually over $50,000 annually. Any advice or form of help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if there is no way to go into a regular university, maybe there is a place on the net where I could get taught increasing levels of physics and mathematics and use that to tutor the next generation. Thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly for any help...
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    Sorry to hear about your health. But there is something about your plans that I don't understand. You say that you may have 2-3 years to live, hopefully more. How do you expect in that time frame to learn enough advanced physics to be able to make useful advancements, get a job in the field, or tutor the next generation?
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    He did say he didn't care about the degree, but loves to learn.
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    I didn't say anything about a degree. My reply wasn't about 2-3 years not being enough to earn a degree, but of 2-3 years being enough to learn enough advanced physics and making scientific contributions and tutoring others.
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    If you only have a short time left to live, you should spend it doing something other than learning physics. Take that savings and see the world, or set up a foundation to provide small scholarships for physics students. Something, the knowledge you could gain in 2-3 years wouldn't be at all useful to physics itself.

    If you realllllllly want to study physics, and feel this will bring you happiness, attend a university and at least get the "college experience" before your health fails completely. Traditional schools accommodate disabilities all the time, yours wouldn't be any different.
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