What is Advanced physics: Definition and 58 Discussions

In the United States, Advanced Placement (AP) Physics collectively refers to the College Board Advanced Placement Program courses and exams covering various areas of physics. These are intended to be equivalent to university courses that use best practices of physics teaching pedagogy.
Each AP Physics course culminates in an optional exam for which high-performing students may receive some credit towards their college coursework, depending on which college or university they attend.

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  1. L

    Perform suitable gauge transformations

    Hello, here is my solution attempt: (i) $$ \begin{aligned} 0 & =\Phi^{\prime}=\Phi-\frac{\partial \chi}{\partial t} \Rightarrow \Phi=\frac{\partial \chi}{\partial t} \\ & \Rightarrow \int \Phi dt=\chi \\ & \Rightarrow \chi=\int \limits_{0}^{t}-(\vec{a} \cdot \vec{r}) t^{\prime} d...
  2. G

    Help me solve differential equation please involving a fraction and a square root

    I'm trying to solve the following differential: ##\frac{\dot x}{\sqrt{y(1+\dot x^2)}} = \text{const}## ##\dot x## is the derivative with respect to ##y##. How do I solve it so that I end up with ##x(y)## solution ? You can find this here, but there're 2 problems: 1) I don't understand what...
  3. LCSphysicist

    What is the Fermion's mass in this Lagrangian?

    We have a Lagrangian of the form: $$ \mathcal{L} = \overline{\psi} i \gamma_{\mu} \partial^{\mu} \psi - g \left( \overline{\psi}_L \psi_R \phi + \overline{\psi}_R \psi_L \phi^* \right) + \mathcal{L}_{\phi} - V(|\phi|^2) $$ Essentially, what we are studying is spontaneous symmetry breaking...
  4. gunjanaga

    Looking for practice problems for "Method of Images" for charges

    Homework Statement: I am looking for practice problems for "Method of images of charges" Please help Relevant Equations: b=R^2/a q2=-R/aq1 I am preparing for IIT JAM
  5. DrishantMaharjan

    Viscosity and resonant frequency?

    AP french's formula -> https://docs.google.com/document/d/13j2bIFgifZFLm65f4j6Wg9CI4sFxqEoDSIMCgCrWr9o/edit?usp=sharing Temperature relation that i couldnt understand ->...
  6. becks1

    Classical mechanics problem for a free particle

    Summary: The initial problem states: Consider a free particle of mass m moving in one space dimension with velocity v0. Its starting point is at x = x0 = 0 at time t = t0 = 0 and its end point is at x = x1 = v0t1 at time t = t1 > 0. and this info is to do the 3 problems written out. a)...
  7. bigmike94

    Overcoming Difficult 2D Motion Problems: My Journey to Advanced Physics

    Ive been reading University physics by roger freedman, I’m on section 3 motion in 2d. I can solve most of the problems ag the end of the chapter, or at least understand the solutions. But there is a small extra section called challenge problems. There’s only 3 but I found them very difficult...
  8. ujint

    Intro Physics Looking for beginner to advanced physics textbooks

    Hi there, I’m looking for beginner to advanced physics textbook. The books doesn’t have to be by only one author or series of volumes. I’m in year 9 at the moment (australia) and really want to learn further than what the curriculum provides. I’ve got the feynman’s lectures on physics, so any...
  9. Bartellj

    Any advanced physics students/academics that have failed?

    Hello, I'm new here, and really just looking for a community/advice. I'm a physics major at Grand Valley State University, and I studied at the University of North Dakota for two years prior to this. I decided that I wanted to major in physics after a lot of thought, the catch is that I am not a...
  10. D

    Optics: refraction and reflection

    Homework Statement: I have no idea how to start with this problem. I am trying to look for all the incident angles, refraction and reflection angles. And i don't know what the two radii are doing with y. Homework Equations: critical angle = arcsin (n2/n1) snell's law for refraction...
  11. Avaro667

    Electrical Engineers with advanced physics knoweledge

    Hello . Is there any EE who thinks he had to go the extra mile in studying physics to this point in his career ? What courses did you take in both physics and mathematics? Did you read any topic on your own ? I'm really interested in your answers :) . I think i would like to get into IC design...
  12. SJay16

    Courses How difficult is an undergraduate course in GR?

    Just wondering if I'm going to be in over my head here, as I'm not sure what to expect. A notoriously "difficult" professor as my school is teaching a senior level undergraduate course "Introduction to General Relativity Physical consequences of Einstein's equations, including the principle of...
  13. M

    Fourier transforms, convolution, and Fraunhofer diffraction

    I've been exposed to this notion in multiple classes (namely math and physics) but can't find any details about how one would actually calculate something using this principle: Diffraction in optics is closely related to Fourier transforms and finding the Fraunhofer diffraction of an aperture...
  14. tworitdash

    Classical Which classic book to follow for Advanced EM?

    The book should have the following content. I want to refer a classic book which explains every detail. 1) Ohmic losses at high frequencies 2) Potentials and Green's functions 3) Image theorem 4) Fields radiated by sources in the far field region 5) Equivalence and reciprocity theorems 6)...
  15. jamalkoiyess

    Studying How to study an advanced physics textbook effectively?

    Hello PF, This by no means the first time I inquire about the topic. I have read a lot on how to study from textbooks and I have practiced all methods and read extensively. Yet, I have never felt that I truly accomplished my purpose and mastered the given material. The thing is that while...
  16. L

    Studying How to self-study advanced books like Weinberg's QFT?

    Although the question came to my mind while studying Weinberg's QFT books, the doubt is much more general than that, and is not a doubt about physics, but rather about how to actually study and learn the topic alone from the book. From one point I agree that coming up with this doubt nearly...
  17. chrononaut 114

    Past Exam Advanced Dynamics Question; Help, Please

    Homework Statement The Attempt at a SolutionSo I first tried by saying consider a time t in which mass m is directly above the origin O. I.e., mass m at the Cartesian coordinate (0, 4l/3). I wrote a = a(t) as the extension function of the spring, which has 0 natural length. So, I applied the...
  18. yeshuamo

    Variable of integration in geometric phase calculation

    Homework Statement Calculate the geometric phase change when the infinite square well expands adiabatically from width w1 to w2.Homework Equations Geometric phase: \gamma_n(t) = i \int_{R_i}^{R_f} \Bigg< \psi_n \Bigg | \frac{\partial \psi_n}{\partial R} \Bigg > dR Infinite square well wave...
  19. akashpandey

    How to start with advanced physics

    I wanted to how to start with advance physics like qed, quantum mechanics, and advance mathematics, advance astrophysics. Please friends help me because i am not gettiing to start with it and please suggest some courses
  20. J

    Learning advanced physics without a physics background

    I am a (pure) math major, but I do have some interest in physics. Sadly, I do not know any physics at all, and my interest comes from watching pop science documentaries. Nonetheless, I would like to learn some physics. I am thinking about taking two courses next school year - one on the...
  21. S

    Online learning resources for advanced physics....

    Hello people on this forum... I was wondering if someone has any advice for me or could at least push me in the correct direction. I recently found out that the online school that I was planning to to go doesn't offer high level physics... Actually, it's more basic than I had leaving high...
  22. T

    Friction constant minimizing the duration of vertical motion

    Homework Statement The mass of a car that acts on one wheel is 100 kg. The elasticity (spring) constant in the suspension system of that wheel is k = 10^4N/m. Design the strut (find the friction/resistance constant c) such that any vertical motion of the wheel (set up for example by going over...
  23. O

    Task: Function for the acceleration throughout a loop?

    So, this seemed really fun to me until I got stuck. THE TASK is about an object with mass m, moving in a basic (2D) coordinate system. It is attached to origo (0, 0) by a "rope" with constant length r=5. In position P0(-5, 0) it has the velocity v0=[0, -10]. Hence, the object moves around origo...
  24. O

    Are a and b spacelike, timelike, or null?

    Hello! I am working on homework for my general relativity class, and I am very confused about how to tell the difference between spacelike, timelike, and null vectors, and the book is very unhelpful. Relevant equations Consider two four vectors a and b whose components are given by: a^α=(-2, 0...
  25. B

    Applying Relative Motion to One Dimensional Motion Equations

    <<Moderator note: LaTeX corrected>> Problem: > Two cars A and B move with velocity ##60 kmh^{-1}## and ##70 kmh^{-1}##. After a certain time, the two cars are 2.5 km apart. At that time, car B starts decelerating at the rate 20 kmh-2. How long does Car A take to catch up with Car B? I tried to...
  26. YogiBear

    Show that w is solenoidal having spherical polar coordinates

    Homework Statement The gradient, divergence and curl in spherical polar coordinates r, ∅, Ψ are nablaΨ = ∂Φ/∂r * er + ∂Φ/∂∅ * e∅ 1/r + ∂Φ/∂Ψ * eΨ * 1/(r*sin(∅)) nabla * a = 1/r * ∂/∂r(r2*ar) + 1/(r*sin(∅)*∂/∂∅[sin(∅)a∅] + 1/r*sin(∅) * ∂aΨ/∂Ψ nabla x a = |er r*e∅ r*sin(∅)*eΨ | |∂/∂r ∂/∂∅...
  27. DrPapper

    Classical Fundamental Principles of Classical Mechanics - Kai S. Lam

    Hello all, I'm currently taking an upper undergraduate two part Mechanics course using the above mentioned book by its author. He's a great professor and I was wondering if anyone else has checked out this book? It's very math heavy and I'm struggling with some of the language since I haven't...
  28. B

    Advanced Physics Exam Question ( Can't Answer It )

    I passed my exam but I blanked out at this question and have no idea how to answer it. I think it want me to prove the formula with its corresponding SI units? Question: In the kinetic theory of gases, the absolute temperature of a gas given by T= mc^2/3k where m refers to the mass of gas...
  29. Entanglement

    What's the best advanced physics textbook for high school?

    Please physicsforums members, I would like help to find an advanced level textbook that covers up high school physics up to university entrance or maybe beyond that a bit. I would like a book that provides a very very strong FOUNDATION in physics. A one that provides clear, thorough, novel, deep...
  30. R

    Freshman schedule help: advanced physics & chem? calc3/lin.alg/diff.eq

    I am going to be an incoming freshman for engineering (undecided, big 4). I am building a schedule that I don't know how to build. Scored 5 ap calc bc. *** My schedule list is * **English**: Freshman Composition (Honors maybe, i don't think this matters much) * **Math**: Calc 3/Lin...
  31. Crush1986

    Challenging Yourself in Physics: Recommended Textbooks for Advanced Students

    Hi all. First year physics student here. I'm doing very very well in my course at my Uni (A++ after first midterm) I study by doing an insane amount of problems from 2 books. Both are about the same difficulty to me (Halliday, and the other is Young) is there a book anyone knows of that might be...
  32. W

    Questioning Light Speed: An Advanced Physics Mystery

    Hi everyone, First I want to say that I hardly know anything about advanced physics, and I'm just looking to ask something that I've been thinking about for a while. So I'd also appreciate if you kept the explanation somewhat understandable :P Anyway, here's my question: If light from...
  33. M

    Advanced Physics Mentor: Find a Qualified Tutor

    Hello, Ever since I can remember, I've been trying to create models of reality that would help me understand the world around me. I have this innate obsession of understanding the world, and I always end up burning the midnight oil, studying topics that I'm not familiar with (mostly physics...
  34. C

    How to learn the math needed for more advanced physics course?

    Hi,there, I'm a college student of physics from China, and I've taken most undergrad physics course. when I tried to study some graduate-level books and some journal papers, I got a problem in math . In graduate level books (say, Jackson's for example), There are pages of math tricks I...
  35. C

    How can I learn more advanced physics?

    I want to start learning more advanced physics, help? Basically I am a fifth year in Scotland (16 years old) and I am away to sit my higher exams which will decide whether I can get into uni to study physics or not. The problem is physics in school isn't moving at a fast enough pace for me...
  36. P

    I really want to do research in advanced physics

    Hi I am new to this forum . I have almost completed my b.e in electronics n comm here in India and I really want to do research in advanced physics like quantum mechanics ... But as of now I am really clueless on what can I do for that to happen... Please any suggestions will be helpfull...
  37. R

    Studying Is self-studying advanced physics a silly idea?

    Hello everybody. I am considering teaching myself physics in spare time, starting from college physics and multivariable calculus, to a level that I can understand most of the research papers on GR, QFT and cosmology. There are some obstacles that I can foresee: 1. I will certainly get...
  38. U

    More advanced physics is just the same with more maths

    More advanced physics is just the same with more maths! Hi, I found a calculus textbook called Calculus 2000 at the following link http://www.physics2000.com/Pages/Calculus.html They stated on their website : Is that statement true?
  39. P

    Advanced physics probelm involving conservation, from six ideas Unit C textbook

    Homework Statement A neutrino must pass within about 10^-18m of a quark to have any chance of interacting with it. Thus, the maximum target area that a quark presents to a neutrino is about 10^-36m^2. However, a neutrino moves so quickly and the weak interaction is so weak that...
  40. C

    Using Advanced Physics to Model Biological Systems?

    Using Advanced Physics to Model Biological Systems?? Just out of curiosity, is physics (advanced or theoretical, not simple classical physics like thermodynamics or mechanical properties) ever used to model, solve, explain, or apply to medical or biological (human) systems? I know hemodynamics...
  41. C

    Courses Which instrument would be a better tool for advanced physics courses?

    This question may be in the wrong section and quite irrelevant for many of you. Anyway, I need to buy a new calculator for my linear algebra course to deal with matrices and that stuff... which would you recommed I buy between the TI INSPIRE CX - CAS and the TI 89 TITANIUM? These are the ones my...
  42. O

    Advanced physics problems on electric fields.

    Homework Statement Secret Agent Jane Pond is testing out a new particle ray gun. She knows the particles in the ray have charge -2e and a mass of 50u. (u = atomic mass unit.) To determine the speed of the particles in the ray, Jane needs a region of uniform electric field. She takes...
  43. F

    Suggestions for an advanced physics lab project

    Hello, I am currently trying to come up with an idea for a project for my advanced physics lab. I have thought to do supercooling/heating, superfluids, and perhaps a rail gun. I have access to a very nice high-speed camera, so I would hope to find an experiment that will utilize it (the rail...
  44. C

    Designing new advanced physics course and I could use your help

    I am a high school physics teacher in upstate NY. I am designing a new physics course and could use your help. I felt this forum was the best place for this post as the only other forum that may fit is the teacher sub forum, however, it appears to be little used and I would like input from...
  45. P

    What Happened to the Advanced Physics Forum?

    What happened to the "Advanced Physics Forum"? I get a DNS error for the url "http://www.advancedphysics.org/". Google doesn't show any news about a shutdown for that site. Anybody know what's going on?
  46. Z

    Programs Pursuing Advanced Physics Studies with an Engineering Degree

    Hey, I have a very basic question ! I want to go for advanced study in physics. I want to do research in basic physics (like, quantum mechanics or particle physics ). Is it possible to go for a Phd in physics with a bachelor's degree in an engeneering subject (like electronics or...
  47. S

    Self-Studying Advanced Physics: Challenges & Solutions

    What kinds of problems might someone encounter in trying to study Advanced Physics (focusing on Quantum/subatomic physics) by themselves from textbooks? What might be a good path to follow in this? What math and physics topics/books might you be able to recommend and in what order? Is doing...
  48. M

    Seeking Advice, Self-teaching advanced physics topics

    Hi all, I'm a bit new here. I was unsure where to post this but this seems most appropriate to me. Getting down to it, I'm interested in a number of topics in advanced physics. Specifically, I'd like to begin to do a bit of self-guided study on special/general relativity and eventually QM and...