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Online Masters Degree in Mathematics

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    Hi All,

    I would like to know which university/college is good for taking an online masters degree in mathematics at an affordable cost. I am a mechanical engineer and currently working in Saudi Arabia for the past 4 years. I was pretty good in Maths during school and college days. I feel like it is the right field for me. So now I want to take a masters degree in Maths. Also please advise me if the Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering will be enough to meet the required qualification for applying masters degree in Maths. Or do I have to take bachelors degree in this first? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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    What math do you know?? Do you know real analysis, abstract algebra, topology, etc.???
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    micromass...I've never known anybody that studied mechanical engineering as an undergrad having abstract algebra or topology experience, but I guess it's possibly although probably not very likely.

    shaheer, it's hard to answer your question since the requirements, recommedations, GRE's, etc. of a a graduate program, whether it be masters or ph.d., differs from school to school...and that's only talking about brick and mortar schools. Since you are concerning yourself only with online degrees, I'd imagine the same idea holds.
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    I really don't know anything about this program, except that it's online, and the University of Washington is a very good school (and I'm not just saying that because I graduated from there :biggrin:).

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    I would assume that the OP is looking at various applied mathematics programs, rather than pure analysis, topology or algebra. Just a guess...

    Columbia seems to have a similar setup:

    http://www.cvn.columbia.edu/app_math_MS.php [Broken]

    It is very expensive, though.
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    As you say Maths rather than Math then I'm assuming you have a UK bias :) Check out:


    Some universities might expect you do a lot of UG maths in preperation ... but the OU are not too demanding here. Your UG degree might be enough, if not: "If you are new to postgraduate study in mathematics you are advised initially to study The calculus of variations and advanced calculus (M820) on its own as your first module..." Should be an easy start for a mechanical engineer!

    Even if you are not from the UK you can probably take this course, check the country restrictions on the site. Not sure what you mean by affordable... but this course is a lot cheaper for UK and EU citizens!
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