What is Masters degree: Definition and 95 Discussions

A master's degree (from Latin magister) is an academic degree awarded by universities or colleges upon completion of a course of study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. A master's degree normally requires previous study at the bachelor's level, either as a separate degree or as part of an integrated course. Within the area studied, master's graduates are expected to possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics; high order skills in analysis, critical evaluation, or professional application; and the ability to solve complex problems and think rigorously and independently.

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  1. ForTheBit

    Admissions Getting into a top tier Physics PhD Program with a Masters Degree

    Hello everyone, I graduated a few years ago with a bachelors in aerospace engineering with a 3.2 GPA and a second author on a published research paper. I am currently working as a senior software engineer, but have been considering going back to school for a PhD in Physics. I am planning on...
  2. nsypgorz

    Advice: Doing grad school abroad and getting a masters instead of PhD

    My background: I live in the US and I graduated last June with my BS in physics. Went to an alright school and was an alright student (3.52 overall GPA, 3.49 major) with minors in math and CS. I did 2 internships, but my first one I basically did nothing, and my second was basically translating...
  3. Admiralibr123

    Physics Quantum Computing masters with Theoretical physics background

    I want to do a masters related to quantum computing from a physics background and my criteria for the place is: 1. A quantum computing group with experimental realizations and industrial ties. 2. A strong theoretical physics department with research in fundamental physics 3. A good chance of...
  4. Mousa Kandah

    Admissions Advice for an Engineer seeking a Masters in Physics in Germany

    Hello, I recently Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Jordan and I am looking to do a Masters in Physics in Germany obviously I am at a disadvantage when it comes to admission due to my Bachelors, but I am currently fixing that. I am currently taking Courses in Quantum...
  5. Y

    Other Should I Upgrade Graduate Certificate Into Second Masters Degree?

    I have two Electrical Engineering Degrees, Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering. I'm almost done with a Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering. Which is 4 classes. I can upgrade the Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering to a full blown masters (10 classes). Should I? My...
  6. S

    Masters in physics with a bachelors in liberal arts

    I am a liberal arts student who is interested in pursuing physics after graduating. I've taken some physics courses over the last 2 years. They are waves and oscillations, classical electrodynamics, Qm1 and Qm2, statistical physics, and one course in experimental physics. I have learned topics...
  7. F

    Admissions Statement of Purpose for Physics Masters Degree Application

    I need advice in writing statement of purpose, particularly on my field of interest. I come from an undergraduate university which there is nothing much going on, just take courses and lab work, no research or anything like that available, hence I don't really have enough experience to describe...
  8. octopus26

    Engineering Masters programs to work in aerospace/defense as an engineer

    Hello all, I am looking for some career advice. My current situation is that I am graduating with my bachelors in physics and chemistry in December of this year. My goal is to get a masters degree in a field that would enable me to work as an engineer at one of the aerospace/defense contractors...
  9. P

    A Physics masters degree while training to be a soldier

    Hi everyone. Do you know of any possibilities available to pursue a masters degree in Physics while enlisted in the army in the same country? I am a commonwealth country citizen and seek this opportunity abroad. I have a Bachelor's degree in Physics and I'd love to do a masters in Physics but...
  10. Q

    Programs Phd in the US after completing an Msc

    I am currently offered to enroll for an Msc degree in my home university (Somewhere in asia). The program is not "SUPER", but they are promising me a research year in DESY (germany) alongside the degree. The degree will take me 2 years. I want to complete a Phd as well, but I am not planning...
  11. Z

    Admissions Masters degree letter of motivation feedback.

    This is my motivation letter for the university of Regensburg (Masters). The bad thing is that my grades are above average, not great. And I have little to no research experience due to my BSc school. I avoided useless mumbo-jumbo and flatter so it's going to be short and to the point. I pushed...
  12. Alex Petrosyan

    Astrophysics vs Condensed Matter

    Hello everyone, I'm a Physics student on a gap year, doing a bit of work ATM. I'm going to come back in October this year to do a one-year Masters' at Cambridge, and I'm faced with a tough choice: A) Specialize in Astrophysics/cosmology, which is something that I'm not as good at, but really...
  13. i_am_brendan

    Programs Recommendation for an online master's degree in astrophysics?

    Next year I'm considering an online masters in astrophysics / astronomy. Any recommendations / has anyone done one? Top universities in this field? I have a B.Sc and M.Sc in mathematics and strong background in computer science / data analytics so I want one which is technical. The options I...
  14. P

    Physics Going back for a masters, or is work experience just as good

    I am just looking for some opinions. I have been considering going to get my masters in Material Science (I have a B.S. in physics). I currently have a great job in the field, and it teaches me a ton. When getting my masters, I would keep the job, and they would even pay for a lot of it. I can't...
  15. P

    Programs Should I do a 'dual' masters degree?

    At my university they offer a program where you can pick two science disciplines and do a sort of 'half and half' masters degree. My B.S. is in Physics, and I somewhat want to do material science, which also directly relates to my current job and undergrad focus, but both mathematics and...
  16. MichaelJT

    Admissions 2:2 from UK Uni, Masters in my future?

    This year 18/19 I will be graduating in December/January with a 2:2 in Physics from QUB in NI. I would absolutely love to have further research/academia in my future physics career. I would like some advice from a UK or ROI based masters students (preferably on the island of Ireland) or anyone...
  17. NariCH

    Programs Average grades in undergraduate but considering Masters degree

    My grades first and second year were good but third year due to some circumstances my grades dropped to just above average in most courses..I want to do apply for graduate studies but I'm not sure how competent and ready I am or if I ever will be accepted. My question is what should I expect...
  18. R

    Programs Affordable online MSECE programs

    Does anyone know of a reputable ranked university that offers an online MSECE degree for $1200 to $1500 a class rather than the typical $3000 + a class? I am starting to think that the only way to get an MSECE degree is to bite the bullet and pay through the nose but I am hoping that there are...
  19. Smalde

    Programs Best Theoretical Physics Masters Degree in Continental Europe

    Dear All, I am sorry if you consider this question to be repetitive or too general but I have been unable to find sufficient answers on the web and thus I want to see what I can win from asking you guys. First my situation: I finished my Physics' Bachelor in the LMU Munich with good grades...
  20. Kaitlyn M

    Programs Help deciding between civil engineering and physics

    Hello! So I am trying to decide what to do for my masters and would like some advice. I'm in Architecture as a major and physics as a minor currently, and want to master in either engineering physics or civil engineering. I find both very interesting and am pretty open to what I do after school...
  21. A

    Physics Comparing masters degree options for an aspiring RSO

    Hey everyone, At present, I'm trying to determine whether I should pursue a masters degree in health physics vs medical physics in pursuit of a career in radiation safety. From what I've seen in RSO job postings, requirements can vary rather widely depending on the institution, state...
  22. CivilSigma

    Programs Thesis vs. Non Thesis Masters Degree

    Hello, I always had in mind to complete a masters program with the thesis option in civil engineering. However, I have become skeptical of this option as I am not sure how relevant it will be in terms of design in the "real" world or how the research I will do is ever going to be used by...
  23. R

    Engineering Research in Fluid Mechanics for MS

    Hi Everyone, I am currently doing undergraduate program in mechanical engineering. I want to pursue masters after my B.Tech in the field of fluid mechanics and aerospace engineering.I want to know about the prospects of this field in the future research. Thanks in advance, Ritwik Kulkarni
  24. C

    Programs To pursue a masters degree in theoretical physics

    Hello, I'm about to start my last year of bachelor degree in physics, and in a few months I would like to have a clear idea of where I want to go for my master degree. My dream since I started university is to pursue theoretical physics, in which specific field, that remains for me to...
  25. A

    Programmes to learn for Nuclear Engineering Masters

    I am about to begin an MSc in Nuclear Engineering. I am competent in MatLab language but wish to practice/learn another in the time before my course starts. Would I be well served in continuing to practice MatLab or to learn another from scratch (C/Java/Labview)? Are there any particular areas...
  26. S

    Physics What career options that pay well can I get with a MS in Physics

    hello, So I'm currently enrolled in an MS physics program thesis option.This is my first semester and I have realized that I will not pursue a PhD. I know my university offers ms in physics with a profesional track to which I will have to do some form of internship. In the case that I decide to...
  27. pitbull

    Programs I want to study for a Masters degree in the US

    Hello everyone, I am from Spain and I am in the last year of my bachelor in Physics. I am actually very interested in moving in the US to get a masters degree, but I cannot afford to pay the tuition, and I was not able to find any full scholarship that I could apply for. Any advice that you...
  28. B

    Programs Can I Get a Physics Masters Degree with Undergrad Biology Background?

    I am a 40-something high school science teacher with a degree in biology. I am very interested in obtaining a masters degree in physics. My undergraduate courses in physics and math are limited. Is it feasible for me to obtain a masters degree in physics?
  29. Salma Salem

    Programs Masters in Physics for undecided Specialization

    Hello all, I'm currently an undergraduate Physics major in an Egyptian University, I was intending to pursue a masters in Physics in a university abroad (Europe or US) and I have not yet decided what do I want to specialize in, I wanted to ask for suggestions for Master's programs which involve...
  30. U

    Programs Undecided between Masters Degree in BME, EE or Applied Math

    Background story: In high school, I fell in love with mathematics especially AP calculus (mostly because many other subjects in the sciences were not well taught in my school). I would often spend hours trying to learn the math in detail (often going more in detail then necessary on my own...
  31. fedaa ali

    Programs Can you help with questions about a Masters degree? (Quantum Biology)

    firstly I am a fresh graduate ... I studied biomedical physics and I am intending to get a master degree but I am hesitating about the field that i will study it ..! I am thinking about the Quantum Biology i need to know your opinion about this and to guide me how to choose the point of...
  32. T

    Programs To continue with the geosciences or go geotech engineering?

    I have a bachelors in geophysics and am currently deciding between attending a school for a masters in geoscience/geophysics and attending a school for a masters in geotechnical engineering. They are both funded to a degree, with the geoscience masters being extremely well funded versus the...
  33. C

    What can be different options for a MS in applied Math ?

    Where all can I apply to pursue a MS in applied Math after acquiring a BS in Math as I am not interested in doing a PhD.
  34. A

    Math III cambridge as a bsc physics

    Hi I am a Bsc physics w/theoretical physics student at imperial college. I was wondering if anyone knew the chances of getting on the maths III masters course applying from a bsc in physics. Is it even worth applying? My grades are quite high (80% +) but I am worried the courses we have done...
  35. Nooginy

    Programs UCL Vs KCL for a masters degree in Physics?

    Hi everyone, just a quick post regarding the above. I have been accepted by both onto a part time (two year) masters degree. I got the KCL offer first and accepted but paid a £500 deposit that I will not get back if I switch. Even though I can't afford it I will switch if I decide UCL is a...
  36. Y

    Masters Degree for Bio-MEMS: Mechanical or Biomedical?

    Which graduate program should I enter? I plan to enter a thesis based course. My end goal is to eventually be able to create biosensors and diagnostics for the healthcare industry, such as microfluidics (lab on chip) and glucometer sensors. Thanks
  37. T

    Physics BS Grad Undecided about Career and Grad School-help

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with the job search and deciding what graduate degree to pursue? Last night, my mom said something along the lines of, "It's such a shame that you got such a great scholarship (graduated with barely any debt) and studied physics in college. I should have...
  38. M

    Programs Physics masters degree question

    I'm confused as to what the advantages are for skipping a masters degree and going straight in a phd program? Is it shorter? Or do schools not normally cover your masters degree? I would like to complete a masters first but not if it'll turn out to be significantly longer or if I'll need to pay...
  39. A

    Programs Is a Double Major in Economics and Mathematics Worth It?

    I am an economics major with a minor in mathematics. I have three semesters left in college, but if I took an additional semester I could complete a double major in econ and math. If completed, I would be interested in pursuing a master's in applied mathematics. My hope is that this will be...
  40. P

    Programs Studying masters degree in physics in US

    Hello! From your own experience and because of your familiarity with your local institutes, what are the best universities in which one can pursue masters degree for 2016-2018 as a two year program and if also you are knowledgeable about universities that offer a one year MSc program as in UK...
  41. J

    Exploring EE Career Paths: Bachelors vs. Masters Degree

    I am getting my bachelors in physics next semester but figured out I want to do EE as a career. I could finish a BSEE in two extra semesters, or go straight to MSEE in about 6 semesters. My question is how many EE jobs actually require a masters degree? Do most just require a bachelors? Have...
  42. F

    Can I switch from Comp Sci to Aerospace?

    Hello. Currently i am interested on aerospace and nuclear engineering in the usa. However i was just curious about something. Is it possible for a person who has completed BS in computer science and electronics engineering from another country to switch to Aerospace or nuclear engineering for MS...
  43. P

    Masters Degree in Physics in London: 2015-2016

    What quite good universities in London still have their doors open for Masters degree in Physics for 2015-2016 in order for me later to continue PhD?
  44. pdm0118

    I wish to pursue PhD in Medical Physics. But Masters first?

    Hello, I will be getting a bachelor's degree in Radiation Health Physics in near future, and my ultimate goal is to study PhD in medical physics. However, I think it would be unlikely that I will get admitted right after undergraduate graduation, due to my mediocre GPA and limited experiences...
  45. P

    Programs How much does having a masters degree help for phd admission

    Hi I was wondering how much will having a masters degree actually help with getting into a PhD program? Is it sort of a minor boost or will it actually make me substantially stand out vs other candidates. If more specifics are needed I will have a BE in Electrical engineering and a Masters in...
  46. E

    What is a Good Masters Thesis for Astronomy?

    Good day! I am currently a freshman at a master's course in astronomy as preparation for studies overseas (I need a master's degree to be able to apply a master's degree overseas). I am wondering of possible thesis topics acceptable for a master's degree. The school I am currently in has a few...
  47. juliact15

    Which courses should I take for a concentration in Astronomy?

    I am an undergraduate Physics major in my third year, and I'd like to concentrate in Astronomy or Astrophysics when I obtain my Masters and PhD. What kinds of physics classes should I take in preparation for this? I've already taken all explicitly-astronomy courses at my school. I was thinking...
  48. D

    Thinking about a second bachelor's or master's, which route should I take?

    Hi all, I'm new around here but I've checked out the site several times, thought it might be a good place to get some feedback. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a BS Chem in 2013, and have spent the last year working in sales. I'm now situated in Lubbock, TX (where Texas Tech is...
  49. J

    Physics Navigating Quantum Computation: My Masters and PhD Prospects

    I'm currently in my final year of BSc(Hons) in mathematics and computer science & A.I (applied math stream). Indeed, I'm starting to think about what masters I want to pursue and the kind of subject I would like to specialize in. I am really interested in quantum computation and the prospects of...
  50. S

    Programs Online Masters Degree in Mathematics

    Hi All, I would like to know which university/college is good for taking an online masters degree in mathematics at an affordable cost. I am a mechanical engineer and currently working in Saudi Arabia for the past 4 years. I was pretty good in Maths during school and college days. I feel...