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Schools Only wanting to study for physics and math

  1. Jul 4, 2016 #1
    I have my 2nd last exams in about 4 weeks and all I can be bothered to study right now is physics and maths. When I sit to study anything else, especially biology or English, I can't focus and learn anything. Even after I manage to force myself, I feel even less motivated to study again after because I had such a boring time.

    I've always been a "practical person"; I love to explore things, I'm very hands on and I could spend hours in our laboratory at school doing experiments for chemistry, biology, and physics, but when it comes to reading, only physics manages to interest me.

    What are things I can do to get into the rhythm of studying these other subjects and trick my brain into liking to study them? Right now I've very unbalanced, being 1st in physics and maths, but below or in the average for everything else...
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    This has happened several times to most people when in school, but you must find a way to convince yourself that studying the other subjects you mention, is for your own good as well. You must be patient and trying to see the big picture of things. If you can't do it in any way, then you have to decide for yourself why is it the case that you don't like some subjects. Is it bad teaching or just wrong impression for the subject? Do you like the subject at all and if not, why is this the case. Probably you need some expert advice from your school, too. Only if you get to the root of some problem, you can effectively solve it. There's no point to force yourself to study anything, as this creates cascading and gradually amplified negative results.

    It is great that you love exploring things and like studying physics but the same comment as above goes here.

    Instead of trying to trick your brain, that is something that will have a very small lifetime at best, try to see why is it good to do so.
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