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Ontario Engineering Programs With Best Coop Programs

  1. Dec 28, 2013 #1
    Hey everyone,
    I'm currently a Toronto high school student who is interested in applying to engineering programs very shortly. I have done some research, and from what I gather, work experience and coop programs seem to be the most important aspects for a prospective engineer. So, what I am interested in, is finding out which Ontario universities offer the best coop programs. I know Waterloo is a no-brainer, and while I am fairly certain my grades can get me admitted into their civil engineering program, I do not think they will be high enough for mechanical engineering, which is the discipline I find most enticing.

    So, other than Waterloo, which universities in Ontario offer good coop programs, specifically for mechanical engineering?
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    Toronto's EngSci program seems to have a pretty good reputation.
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    The University of Toronto (my alma mater) engineering program doesn't strictly have a co-op program like that of Waterloo. Instead, there is what is called the Professional Experience Year (PEY), which is offered to students in all departments in engineering and in select programs in other faculties (not just the EngSci program), typically after the 2nd or 3rd year of your studies. During the PEY year, you work for a given company or organization for a duration of 12-16 months, and then later submit a report outlining your experiences (similar to the report you submit during your co-op work term at Waterloo, at least from what I was told by friends who went there).

    You can find more information about the PEY program in the following link below:

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