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OOI Where Oceanography is heading

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    Oceanographers are trying to get away from capturing snapshots of the state of the ocean that is the result of loading up a ship and collecting data once every 6 months.
    The goal is to set up sensor stations that live on the bottom and collect data upon demand, or even continuously. OOI is a massive program which will accomplish this, though at a high cost. The attached article covers the idea pretty well.

    Since I manufacture oceanographic sensors for a living this is good news! :)

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    With the world-wide increase of fixed underwater science observatories the market for sensors is growing.

    The 19 October 2013 issue of “Science News” published a lengthy article entitled “Deep Network”, mostly about the NEPTUNE network of sensors on the ocean floor just north of the US/Canada border.

    In the article the several sites are referenced:

    At the above site one can navigate to here to find a list of the specific sensors used:

    Ocean Networks Canada maintains several observatories installed in three different regions in the world's oceans.

    Finally, here an undersea live feed should be available (it was not working when I tried): http://www.oceannetworks.ca/
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    Thanks for the links Bobby, they are very nice. I notice that many of the instrument links are dead.:yuck:

    I am looking for a link I have to some live instrumentation.
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