What is Oceanography: Definition and 26 Discussions

Oceanography (from the Ancient Greek ὠκεανός "ocean" and γράφω "write"), also known as oceanology, is the scientific study of the ocean. It is an important Earth science, which covers a wide range of topics, including ecosystem dynamics; ocean currents, waves, and geophysical fluid dynamics; plate tectonics and the geology of the sea floor; and fluxes of various chemical substances and physical properties within the ocean and across its boundaries. These diverse topics reflect multiple disciplines that oceanographers utilize to glean further knowledge of the world ocean, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, climatology, geography, geology, hydrology, meteorology and physics. Paleoceanography studies the history of the oceans in the geologic past. An oceanographer is a person who studies many matters concerned with oceans including marine geology, physics, chemistry and biology.

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  1. V

    Basic fluid mechanics questions about an oceanography paper

    Problem Statement: There is no precise problem statement since it's an homework to be done independently, but I will try my best to explain it concisely (I also apologize for my mistakes in English) : I want to reproduce the simulation of the model presented in the pdf file attached to this...
  2. C

    Underwater acoustics: transmission loss at long distance

    Hi all, I have some problems to understand how to calculate the transmission loss at long distance, which model do I have to use? I was looking into the energy flux model (Weston model), but I didn't understand at what range I should switch from "mode stripping" to "single mode". I am working...
  3. HenryM

    Deriving the formula for tidal generating force TGF

    i have been asked to show that the TGF acting on a 1kg mass, on the surface of the Moon is equal to: TGF = 2g.e^2.(a/r^3) Where; g = 9.81 e = radius of the Earth a = radius of the Moon r = distance between the centres of the Earth and Moon.
  4. T

    Refraction Convergence and Amplitude change- Ocean waves

    There are many explanations on the internet, of refraction and convergence of ocean waves entering shallow water around a headland However they all go no deeper than this statement "Where the water is shallow the wave rays converge wave energy is greater where the wave rays spread out the...
  5. Robert House

    What is the impact of storms on submarines?

    Here is a scenario to further explain. Let's say I am traveling inside of a submarine. I travel within a depth of 100 to 600 feet deep or 4 to 19 atmospheres. How would I and my submarine be affected if there were a hurricane, tsunami, or hurricane above the ocean. Furthermore, does the...
  6. Robert House

    How Can Interacting with Experts Improve Online Learning?

    I just signed up today. I'm here because I've been using MOC's (Massive Online Courses) and other forms of online learning for a while now. A key flaw with any form of self learning is the lack of interfacing with your instructor/teacher. I browsed this website for a bit and quickly concluded it...
  7. P

    How Ocean Waves Affect Beaches

    Hi I am currently looking for a topic to write my essay on. My first idea was to talk about how waves altered in different beaches. (With this I mean the shape of the waves) I don't know much about waves and I can't seem to find good info on the internet. If you think there isn't much to write...
  8. M

    I Who first developed the Rossby number and how was it derived?

    Hoping to get an intuitive idea of the derivation behind the Rossby number that isused in fluid mechanics(atmospheric and oceanographic sciences). I know what it is and how it is used but I want to know Rossby hit upon the idea of the number that is named after him...
  9. surfwavesfreak

    Bonjour - french physical PhD student

    Hello every body, I am very excited to be now part of your community. Me in a few words : I am french PhD student, working in the field of physical oceanography for 2 years now., more specifically on the wonderful topic of ocean surface waves. I am particularly interested in asking you some...
  10. N

    Acoustics + Optics + Oceanography ?

    Hi Everyone, I am about to finish my PhD in underwater acoustics. I am thinking of postdoc positions and research areas which might cover: oceanography and optics with acoustics. I still have to learn a lot before generating any ideas on my individual research career. But was wondering if...
  11. Integral

    OOI Where Oceanography is heading

    Oceanographers are trying to get away from capturing snapshots of the state of the ocean that is the result of loading up a ship and collecting data once every 6 months. The goal is to set up sensor stations that live on the bottom and collect data upon demand, or even continuously. OOI is a...
  12. D

    Random oceanography related mathematics

    Problem Given: Scientists estimate that the flow southward of the North Atlantic deep-water current is 10 Sverdrups. (A Sverdrup is 1 million meters3 per second) If the volume of the Atlantic Ocean is 3.24 X 1017 meters3, how many years would be required for the entire Atlantic Ocean to...
  13. micromass

    Introduction to Physical Oceanography by Stewart

    Author: Robert Stewart Title: Introduction to Physical Oceanography Download Link: http://oceanworld.tamu.edu/resources/ocng_textbook/PDF_files/book_pdf_files.html Prerequisities: Contents:
  14. Greg Bernhardt

    Essentials of Oceanography by Alan P. Trujillo

    Author: Alan P. Trujillo (Author), Harold V. Thurman (Author) Title: Essentials of Oceanography Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/032166812X/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Prerequisities: Contents:
  15. S

    Physical oceanography: Waves

    A former sea captain recounts a stormy night in Atlantic when he observed waves with wavelengths of a few metres passing his 51m long ship in less than 3s. Should you believe him? How do we go about answering this question? I have no idea where to start from, well, we learned about group...
  16. morrobay

    Scripps Institute of Oceanography Re: Seawater Alkalinity

    I have recently contacted three pH D 's in the chemistry dept at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, U.C. San Diego on why seawater is alkaline. since like you all I want facts on a subject. So far I have one reply from Andrew Dickson, Professor of Marine Chemistry: The pH of the oceans is...
  17. N

    UW-Madison Student: Oceanography Advice for UC-San Diego

    I'm a first year student at UW-Madison and plan on triple majoring in Physics, Astronomy Physics, and Gender and Women's Studies (I like variation). I've been reading up on a graduate program with UC-San Diego with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and was wondering if anyone knew how many...
  18. P

    Physical Oceanography / Tide Problem

    Homework Statement Two ports along a coastline are 300 km apart. One port has high tides 30 minutes later than the other. How deep is the effective depth for the tidal propagation? Homework Equations I am thinking I need the following equation: V = square root (g*H). V = velocity. g...
  19. X

    Density Functions - Oceanography

    Homework Statement http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/3143/calcquiz3.jpg The writing says: A(x)=int(p(y),y=0..x) <-- Maple format Homework Equations A(x)=int(p(y),y=0..x) The Attempt at a Solution So I did not attend class the day we went over this and he only went over it that...
  20. S

    Physical oceanography, geomatics

    Hello, Is anyone here interested in oceanography? I'd like to do some independent research on undersea geomatics and digital mapping. In addition to a review of basic physics and a reading up on physical oceanography, what would be a good regimen of reading material to get me up to speed? I'm...
  21. G

    Millersville Univ: Physics or Oceanography Major?

    I am thinking about going to millersville university in the fall for my freshman year and I was wondering what you think would be a better choice for major? Does physics have better job opportunites after college? Thanks alot
  22. G

    Career in Energy: Oceanography, Geology, or Physics?

    I am a senior in college and want to work in the field of energy, either oil or nuclear. I was wondering what the best major would be? I was thinking oceanography, geology or physics. I was thinking oceanography because I want to work with the ocean in someway, how can I do this? How is the...
  23. P

    Oceanography vs marine research

    Hi all, In a document, I read the two terms above and it really puzzles me. Please help me to see the difference between the two. Thanks
  24. O

    Physical Oceanography: Global Warming & Earth's Ocean

    I just thought I would bring this field of study up because the subject of how the Earths Ocean works is one that is becoming ever more important in gaining an understanding of global warming the greatest threat to our survival as a species. I'ld like to see some discussion on the role the ocean...
  25. G

    Programs Oceanography would be a good major

    I am about to apply to colleges and was wondering if oceanography would be a good major and your views on this major. Would it be better to double major in physics and oceanography or just major in physics? Just wondering your views.
  26. Astronuc

    What are the Current Projects in Oceanography for Monitoring Sea Temperatures?

    Found this list while looking for ocean/sea temperature measurements. http://www.webenglish.com.tw/sites/Science/EarthSciences/Oceanography/Projects/ GOOS (Global Ocean Observing System) is a permanent global system for observations, modelling and analysis of marine and ocean variables to...