Ooo template Method of image charges

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Two semi-infinite grounded plane conductors that intersect at the origin, with an angle of 60 degrees between them. A point charge of q is located some distance from the origin, and bisects the angle between the two conductors, where would the image charges be and what would they be?

2. Relevant equations
well you gotta know the method, I won't explain it in detail

3. The attempt at a solution
Ok, here's the thing, I can solve the simpler similar problem where the conductors are at right angles(ie they intersect at the origin and run along the x and y axis, and the "vacuum" region is in the first quadrant)Based on that solution, I figure the image charges should be locacted... [Broken] scroll down to the first big picture, about the middle. I figure where I1, I2, and I5 are. But really I'm a bit at a loss, if someone could poke me in the right direction. Is the problem described clearly enough?
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The 5 images look right. Just make sure they each have the right sign and add the potential from all six charges.

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