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Opening 2 or more processes of the same pe at the same time

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    Is it possible that I can execute i.e 2 of any processes of the same image file in Windows ?
    I would like to open i.e one notepad in Administrator mode and one notepad in non-administrator mode. Well, this is a bad example as it works actually but there are processes that do not allow me to open 2 or more of them at the same time, for example notepad++ (i.e right click on its icon choose Run As Administrator to open one then double click the icon to create another).
    Could someone tell why ?
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    Yes, that's perfectly fine. You can read a file in as many programs as you want. What you can't do is two writes at the same time.
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    In Notepad++ you can go to "settings/preferences/multi-instance" and change it to allow multiple instances.
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    One way to open two of the same app that insists on only one instance is to use virtual machines. This is obnoxiously memory intensive but easily set up.

    If you only need to see one copy then you can open the document and do a screen capture and then you can see one while working on another.

    Look into compatibility settings. You may be able to install twice and trick one instance into missing the other.

    Other sand-boxing applications may exist as well. Look at automated software testing software.

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