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What happened to my pic editor under W10?

  1. Apr 7, 2017 #1
    I have Windows 10.

    When I take pictures with my cell phone and transfer them to my laptop (with Windows 10), I used to open them up (they're in JPG form) and be able to edit them. The edit button in the program that opens the JPG file allows you to do stuff like crop and rotate.

    I've ALWAYS used crop and rotate to "blot out" background stuff that I didn't want. For example, if I had an apple in a picture that had all sorts of other fruits around it. I could select crop and rotate and a square would appear around my entire picture. If I clicked the horizontal lines (above and below the picture), I could drag those lines up or down more to edit out or edit in more or less stuff vertically in my picture.

    Likewise, if I clicked the vertical lines on the left and right sides of the picture, then I could drag them to edit out more or less stuff in the picture from the sides.

    Suddenly today for no reason that I'm able to determine, when I select crop and rotate, it won't allow me drag the vertical lines or the horizontal lines around my pictures only. Instead, when I drag any of the lines in the box around my pictures, the ENTIRE box will shrink or enlarge accordingly.

    Before, if I drag the top horizontal line up or down, the vertical lines wouldn't be affected and vice versa. Now, suddenly, when you drag one type of line, the other types get affected to and instead of enlarging or shrinking one part of the picture the entire picture being affected.

    Not sure if taht made sense, but does anyone know what to do to fix the problem and get back to the original way it worked? I didn't even do anything to the program that opens up pictures.
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    JPEG is a very well defined format for storing images, it's not likely that something has gone wrong with the original image capture.
    What is more likely is that whatever software you have in the laptop to process the files has somehow got into a weird setting.
    There are huge amounts of software available which process jpg files one way or another, a lot of them are free.
    Try a few different ones, and if there seems to be no problem there, try reinstalling the program which is misbehaving.
    Check also that your laptop keyboard doesn't have a stuck down key, that can lead to all kinds of weirdness.
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