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Physics Options for physics BSc graduates outside of academia

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    Hi everyone. One of the perennial favourite topics here in the Career Guidance section is the employability of physics graduates, including those with just a BSc degree instead of a PhD.

    I've found the following links on Metafilter and Reddit which I thought might be relevant (the last Metafilter posting was from 2010; the Reddit post was from 2013). I was wondering what your thoughts are in terms of their responses in these threads.


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    I believe that a BS (or even a BA) degree in Physics can get you into Engineering with some extra courses in an engineering discipline. When I worked as a senior level engineer, I certainly would not pass up on a physics major if they applied into my department. My own department manager at the last Engineering firm I worked for had a dual major EE and Physics, so I suspect he would consider a physics major as well.
    Currently I work as a PM in the power industry building relay houses for large power companies. I would be happy to consider a physics major as an engineer at our plant. However, the ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of the basics of electrical theory.
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