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Oreo-Milk Symmetry Breaking (OM-Violation)

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    So I've found the strangest thing with oreos and milk. I have a glass of milk and when I just toss an oreo inside of it and let it sit, even for the longest time, it doesn't really get all saturated with milk and delicious. However, when I hold the oreo while dipping it in the milk, it becomes saturtaed and becomes oh so delicious... why in the world could this happen? It's like the cookie becomes soggy way faster if its held in on its side! Should I publish this result?
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    I have seen a documentary involving a british physicist confronting his model to his measurements of biscuit in tea (seriously, I saw it with own eyes, I wish I could find the reference). He did not talk about oreo in milk however, so it is probably original results you have in your hands !

    I found him again !
    Dr Fisher from Bristol
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    Google is spying you!:devil:
    Run...I mean waddle ...:uhh:
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