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Originlab - Area of the cummulative fit

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    I have some data and in said data I had 2 peaks, to which I fitted 2 Lorentz functions. The sum of these 2 functions gives me a 3rd function.

    Now, I need to find the integrated area of the 3rd function. Originlab gives me the area of the 2 fits, but not of the 3rd function. Summing the area of the 2 fits should give me the area of the 3rd function. However, I'm not sure it does because the 2 fits go below negative (so, an integration would be summing negative numbers to positive numbers). So the question is:

    - Can I sum the 2 areas in order to get the cummulative area? Does Originlab 9 give me the mathematical area or the absolute area? I didn't find anything about this whatsoever.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Could you post some more info? Difficult to advise with the given description!
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