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Outgoing Eddington-Finkelstein coordinates

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    I'm not sure what's going on in outgoing Eddington-Finkelstein coordinates for a Schwarzschild black hole. Future-directed timelike curves can be followed from inside the event horizon to outside it (page 185/186 of Sean Carroll's online GR notes: http://preposterousuniverse.com/grnotes/grnotes-seven.pdf [Broken]). How is that possible? Wouldn't that imply that massive particles could escape from inside a black hole's event horizon? Kruskal coordinates make it crystal clear that all future directed timelike worldlines inside the event horizon end in the singularity, so I really can't see what the outgoing E-F coordinates are illustrating.
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    No, it means that outgoing E-F coordinates cover a different portion of the total spacetime than ingoing E-F coordinates do. See below.

    They are illustrating that timelike worldlines can *emerge* from the white hole singularity, come out through the white hole horizon, and enter the exterior asymptotically flat region. Outgoing E-F coordinates cover Region IV and Region I of the full (maximally extended) spacetime, where the "regions" are labeled as shown in this diagram:


    Ingoing E-F coordinates cover Regions I and II. So the horizons and singularities that are "visible" in the two E-F charts are *different*.
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    Got it, thanks!
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