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Overloaded, don't want to stop learning!

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    I am in my last semester at community college, hoping to transfer as a computer science student. I really like all sciences, and dream of using computing to do more than just work in silicon valley (or at least do something beneficial for the world and not just try to get rich).

    I am currently taking 2nd semester Organic Chemistry, Differential Equations, Modern Physics, and 2nd Semester Java (online). I work two full days a week doing research programming - I'm basically an intern, and I get paid to learn, which rocks.

    My problem is that I am falling behind and I'm not sure how I'll stay up with the workload unless I become an Uber-hermit and just study during all of my waking hours. This is possible, and I actually don't totally abhor the prospect of just grinding through this last semester from hell, but it would mean putting a hold on the things that I love, things which keep me healthy in body and mind, and I am already feeling the wear on my soul.

    I guess the easy call is to drop O-Chem, but I really dig chemistry and I'm in school again to get as much knowledge as possible. So, does anyone have an argument FOR taking O-Chem even if I don't plan on being a chemist or a chemical engineer? I do love the natural world and it would be cool to be a scientist...I guess that's what keeping me in there.

    Just looking for kindred spirits I guess...
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    Vanadium 50

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    You don't have to take everything at once.
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    Hey blaughli.

    I would consider Vanadiums advice: sounds like you have quite a lot on your plate.
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    I like learning things (most things, really - "what is it like to live in Lichtenstein and why do they have a prince?" or "what goes on in the head of someone with ADHD when they're integrating ln x and is it the same as what goes in the head of someone without any mental disorder?", etc) and as such, I can see where you're coming from. Having said that, I too think you shouldn't be overloading yourself. You can always take the class you drop when you transfer to a 4-year school, no? Or maybe take it during the summer?
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    Thanks for the thoughts you guys. The tricky thing for me is that, as I have applied as a CS student, it doesn't seem like a good idea to drop my Java class. Math is required, and Physics is my favorite subject so that's a tough one to let go. I guess I could take modern physics at a 4 year.

    OChem is also a problem because I feel like it's "now or never" with that class. Surely it will be more difficult at a 4 year school, and I was hoping to be able to devote myself to my intended major once in a university. I guess I just felt like City College was my chance to test the waters and soak up as much as possible before getting serious, and I just doubt that at a 4 year I would have the energy to do OChem. I could be wrong.
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