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Homework Help: Oxidation - Reduction with copper and zinc

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    In a lab experiment, we filled 2 wells of a culture plate, one of them had 1.0 M CuSO4 and a piece of zinc metal, and the other well had 1.0 M ZnSO4 and a piece of copper metal.

    My question is: Which well has the reduced form of zinc and the oxidized form of copper?

    I know that zinc is a better reducing agent, and so I would say that the well where a reaction occured (the one with the copper solution and zinc metal) is the one with the reduced form of zing and oxidized form of copper. Therefore, the well where no reaction happened, which had the zinc solution and copper metal, would be the one with the reduced form of copper and the oxidized form of zinc.

    What do you think?

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    I think that pretty much gets it.
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