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P-adic metric Strong triangle inequality

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    Hi Guy's
    I was wondering If anyone new of a good link about the P-adic metric Strong triangle inequality. I am trying to constuct a proof to show that the p-adic is a metric space.
    Must the proof use the Strong triangle inequality ie

    [tex] d(a,c)\leq [/tex]max[tex]{d(a,b),d(b,c)}[/tex]

    or can it use the normal inequality ?

    [tex] d(a,c)\leq d(a,b),d(b,c)[/tex]
    [tex] d(a,c)=\mida-c\mid=\mid(a-b)-(c-b)\mid[/tex]

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    Of course the strong triangle inequality implies the (usual) triangle inequality. So if you prove either one of them, you are done.
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