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P orbitals and single electron atoms

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    does hydrogen atom with a single electron have p orbitals?

    when the single electron of the hydrogen atom is excited, can it go to the 2p orbital?

    are "p orbitals" consequence of electrons interacting with nucleus ( protons ) ?

    or are "p orbitals" consequence of electrons interacting with other electrons around the atom nucleus? ( repulsion between electrons )

    i made a quick search about this in the forum but I couldn't find anything.


    PS: same question for d and f orbitals also.
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    Yes indeed hydrogen has all the orbitals.

    The actual energy values can only be analytically evaluated for what are known as
    hydrogen-like atoms (look this term up).

    I'm not sure how far an electron can be promoted as some of the higher orbitals are above the ionisation energy of hydrogen. Perhaps you could find this out both orbitals energy levels and ionisation energies are readily available.
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