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Panel Discussion on Communicating Science

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    @dlgoff and I attended a panel discussion at the WI Science Festival. @dlgoff found the video for it and I thought I'd formally share it because it was quite interesting and a very important topic. The general point is that scientists need social and speaking skills. Being able to effectively relay the importance of their research to the lay public is vital.

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    I think it's safe to say that I'm able to convey scientific ideas with richer details (and some unneeded formality, unfortunately) online, but face-to-face, well that's a different story.:H
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    Thanks Greg, it was interesting and there were some good points in it that I found useful.
    Actually I really love to talk about physics and explain things and I think I'm good at it, of course about things that I myself understand well.
    Though I'm somehow in contrast with PWiz. Sometimes when I get into one of the threads here and read the question, I say to myself: wish this guy was here so I would explain it clearly. Because sometimes it feels I can convey more when I'm explaining things face-to-face.
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    I think that your contrasting opinion proves how diverse and global the physics forums community is, Shyan.
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    There is no doubt that conversing via text online can be difficult. However I have met plenty of people who are very good at explaining things online, but in person they are very ineffective.
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    Ease of discussion is also a function of the specific topic: Typing a decomposition of a vector without any graphical aid can be an exercise in precision use of language that depends heavily on the readers language skills; face to face, it's duck soup with a fingertip sketching in the air.
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