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Homework Help: Parallel Plate Capacitor

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    A parallel-plate capacitor has an area of 4.77 cm2, and the plates are separated by 1.06 mm with air between them. It stores a charge of 403 pC. What is the potential difference across the plates of the capacitor?

    alright so i changed the area to .0477m^2. then i changed the distance between the plates to .00106m. i used 1.00054 as the dielectric constant. and i changed the charge to 403E-12C.

    then i took 403E-12=((1.00054)(8.85E-12)(.0477)/(.00106))V

    and i get V to equal 1.01V and its wrong. any help is appreciated.
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    For one thing, 4.77 cm^2 is 0.000477 m^2.
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