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Parallel worlds movie on Dr.Kaku's website

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    I was watching the Parallel worlds movie on Dr.Kaku's website and I got to thinking. Just because it is utterly impossible to pinpoint the positions of atomic particles doesnt mean they flicker into and out of other dimensions.

    They could just move very rapidly Making them just look like they flicker in and out of existence.Why is it thought that the particles flicker into different
    dimensions ?

    I was also wondering why the strings(in string theory) "evolved" into membranes,just because the 11th dimensions was added.

    Any thoughts?
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    It wasn't exactly evolution. The people working in the field discovered that the various string theories are special cases of m-theory.
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    What do you mean by "special cases"?
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    I can't claim expertize to answer in detail. Try Brian Greene's book.
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    If one scientist is studying ICBM missile ballistics and another is studying the movement of the Moon, someone else might come along and say you're both studying gravity and each is a special case of orbital mechanics.

    The same with string theory. Different theories put forth by different factions seemed to be barely related or even competing, until someone(s) showed that, if you step back far enough, you show that they are all part of the same bigger theory.

    Look at the diagram:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-theory_%28simplified%29" [Broken]
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