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Quantum entanglement and multiple dimensions

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    In its broadest sense, quantum entanglement means that two 'particles' separated by distance, and moving away from one another, behave as if they are next to one another.

    In a mental experiment, you can imagine what the world might look like to these two particles as they zoom away from one another.

    But to do so, you would have to understand that from the point of view of the TWO particles, they are one particle, and not moving away from one another. (This is the part where most people get hung up.)

    So from the two entangled particles point of view, they sit there next to one another... and all of the other particles in the universe rush around them.

    Now, scientists predict that in the future they will be able to control and understand 'entanglement' much better. They will be able to induce entanglement in all of the particles of an object, scatter those particles, and then reassemble them. Like a teleporter.

    Due to the particles being 'entangled', from the point of view of the object being teleported, it is never disintegrated. Rather, all of the particles of the universe rearrange around it and then stabilize and it finds itself somewhere else.

    Now... lets take this one step beyond. Lets say that eventually we can look out into the universe and find the patterns of entanglement around us, and using sensors and computing power we can understand what the universe looks like from the point of view of these different patters of entanglement.

    We can then take an object and entangle the particles and then scatter the particles out into the universe, and get them entangled in this 'other' pattern of entanglement.

    From the point of view of the object, it will be in one reality, then all of the particles of the universe will be rearranged into a new reality. A new 'dimension' so to speak.

    I believe this is important, because until now, when scientists speak about other dimensions, they call them parallel dimensions. Which means they do not interact and makes it impossible to understand how we could travel between them. But in this model, a dimension is just a pattern of entanglement. So other dimensions are not parallel. Rather, they are interpolated.
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    I'm sorry you are not generating any responses at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us? Any new findings?
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    Yo I like the way this guy is thinking. I wonder what an example would be of a 2d space being "interpolated" to create a 3d space.
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    This thread is pure speculation. Thread closed.
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