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Parametric Sweep Analysis in Comsol

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    Hi all;

    I want to run a parametric Sweep analysis and I want to store the temperature value at just one point in the geometry. Is there anyone to know how to do that ??????
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    Hi, if you are referring to a visualization problem, you can access to post-processing menu-cross section...-point plot and then plot a unique point.
    Now I've a question, if I perform a parameter sweep (eg x=1:1:30), can I save a zoom (eg x=10:0.01:11) on the same file and then visualize the result on the same plot?
    thanks to all
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    I'm not sure what you mean by parametric sweep analysis, but if you are doing a transient analysis, then just enter the time-history post processor (/POST26) and then add a variable. Click temperature and choose the node of interest. You can then plot and list the temp at that node vs time.
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