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Partial Differential Equations at university

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    Hi guys,

    I am a Erasmus student in Vienna. Due to the difference between the plans in my home universtity and Vienna, I have to deal with having to take Parcial differential equations without having done Differential Equations 1 or 2.

    In accordance with my university, I should take here Differential Equations 1 and 2, because we have them the same year... but here they have DE 2 in the first semester und DE 1 in the second semester.

    I asked for advice to my coordinator and after having discuss with another professor they say me: "yes! the best option to replace Differential Equations 2 (without havind done 1) is Parcial differential equations, you only need some Functional Analysis...." in order take in the second semester DE 1

    So, that is what I am trying to do... but I am not a specially good mathematic student... and I having a bad time trying to understand the subject (that indeed it seems to be easy). I just feel like they don't care what I do or don't do... and I am thinking it's my Erasmus year so, I have to know the country, to try to master my German... I am already taking two hard subjects (Abstract Algebra II (Category theory, Sylow theorems, Galois theory...) and Analysis 3) among other 2 (one normal and one easy)...

    So my question is: Should I encourage myself to do that? (and if so, what do I need to understand it, can you give me some advice?) or I have been just badly adviced by the professor... so the best I can do is to relax and say goodbye to PDE (for this year)?

    Thanks for your answers!
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    When I did my Bsc, in my second year I took ODE 1+2, and the next year taking alongside PDE 1 also a course in Hilbert Spaces which is basically Functional Analysis 1 if you may.

    It's best to learn math gradually, and not making too big jumps with courses, unless you can learn the prequisites by yourself in time.

    I haven't done your programme, but these courses in undergraduate rarley differ between universities.
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