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Particle accelerators safety systems

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    Hello, im looking for scientific articles about particle accelerators safety systems, that posted at scientific journals.
    The articles i'm looking for should be about safety while the operation of the accelerator, like monitoring the radiation that could be around - and the process that happend after discover that radiation level,
    routines that happend if someone enters a restricted area, and how the system shutdown the acclerator or somthing like that.

    I'll be glad if someone could help me with that.
    Thanks alot,
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    To help you do further research, have you tried searching with Google Scholar? and search for key words in quotation marks (""). To get even more specific results, try typing (after your keywords) site:. and then the top level domain (com, edu, gov, org, ect.) of your choice to acquire more academic, reliable sources. Even further? Also try typing file:. with your desired file extension (doc, ppt, pdf, etc.) Lots of academic articles and papers happen to be in PDFs.
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    The problem here is that each accelerator facility is unique, and has its own set of rules and procedures, and are governed by regulations that are specific to that facility, to that location, and to that state/country. As someone who works at an accelerator facility, was responsible for the safety aspect and documentation of that facility, I tend to know this quite well.

    Here, in the US, accelerator facilities are required to have a "Safety Analysis Document", or SAD, before they begin full, normal operations. This should contain all the safety analysis that has been done to the facility and includes the necessary precautions, shielding, etc. Your best bet is to find some of these facilities and see if their SADs are available online. It will not include everything you are asking for, such as all the engineering and administrative controls, that are not part of the SADs, but maybe if they uploaded their SADs, these other stuff might also be available.

    Otherwise, what you will find are more generic lessons on things such as radiation physics and calculation, such as something like this:

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