Questions about homemade particle accelerators

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Particle accelerators are, to my understanding, a device capable of accelerating protons or electrons to very high speeds. At these speeds many things can be done to the particles. But most accelerators are very expensive and large. A smaller, cheaper accelerator would not be as effective as a larger accelerator, but could be used to gain a concept of how particle accelerators work and a better understanding of the basic particles, such as protons and electrons.

I would like to request your opinion of which type of accelerator would best suit my wants. It would need to be inexpensive, safe, and can be made out of easily obtained items. I found a working CRT monitor that I wouldn't mind salvaging for parts, so a design that incorporates parts from that would be useful.

Also, what are a few things I could do with a particle accelerator of this low quality? Would it even be worth my time and effort?

I appreciate your time greatly! Thank you.

EDIT: I also understand that these devices emit X_Rays and other ionizing rays that can be very harmful unless the right safety precautions are used. Like I mentioned above, a safe accelerator is preferable as long as it doesn't cost a fortune. I need to decide how much I value safety over cost though... I don't want to harm myself or others, but I also don't want to spend a fortune.
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Buying a book in elementary particle Physics might make you acquainted with many of the properties of these particles discovered through experiments performed by people who had access to large-scale equipment and the knowledge of doing relevant research.

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