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Particle in box - Getting confused by formula

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    In my book of formulas I have a formula for energy in different states, particle in box. [itex]E_n = \frac{n^2 \pi^2 \hbar^2}{2ma^2}[/itex]

    So I should get Joule or something here right. A quick look at the formula.

    [itex]E_n = \frac{n^2 \pi^2 \hbar^2 [Js]}{2m[kg]a^2 [m^2]} \frac{ [Js]^2}{[kg]* [m^2]}[/itex] Becomes something like [itex]\frac{J s^2}{m^2}[/itex] After some rearrangement.

    What am I missing..?
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    [tex]J= F[kg m/s^2]*d[m]=\frac{kgm^2}{s^2}[/tex]

    [tex]\implies [Js]^2= \frac{kg^2m^4}{s^2}\therefore \frac{[Js]^2}{kgm^2}=\frac{kgm^2}{s^2}=J[/tex]
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