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A box (plural: boxes) is a type of container or rectangular prism used for the storage or transportation of its contents. The size of a box may vary, from the very smallest (such as a matchbox) to the size of a large appliance, and can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from the functional to the decorative.
Boxes may be made of a variety of typically durable materials, such as wood and metal, though common non-durable materials include corrugated fiberboard and paperboard. Corrugated metal boxes are commonly used as shipping containers. Boxes made of cardboard can be degraded and therefore are not bad for the environment.
Boxes are typically rectangular in shape with a rectangular cross-section, though a box may also have a square, elongated, circular or oval appearance; boxes may also feature sloped or domed top surfaces, or vertical edges, and are not consistently made in a square fashion. Square and rectangular boxes are still much more common than its other various shapes that it could come in.
Boxes may be closed and shut with flaps, doors, or a separate lid. They can be secured shut with adhesives, tapes, or more decorative or elaborately functional mechanisms, such as a catch, clasp or lock.

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  1. I_Try_Math

    Max distance a truck can travel without box falling off

    The equation at the bottom is me attempting to solve for the distance. Without knowing the mass of the box and truck my approach to this problem isn't possible?
  2. nav888

    Conservation of Energy when lifting a box up off the floor

    So, I cannot for the life of me write a conservation of energy statement, when an object is lifted up by a force. So in my example there is a box on the floor with v = 0, and then a force of magnitude F, where F > mg, acts on the ball, now the net force is F-mg, and hence the work done is (F -...
  3. Remle

    Acceleration & Normal Force of a Box: 4 m/s2 & 418 N

    What is the acceleration of the box? Paper says the answer is 4 m/s2. What is the Normal force acting on the box? Paper says the answer is 418 N. I know that for most cases FN=Fg=W. So, by definition the "original" Normal force is 245.25 N (am I correct?) I calculated the Fay which is...
  4. J

    Box Beam stress problem with welding

    Hello All, I'm trying to figure out how to strengthen a box beam that's been welded to another box beam. In the photo on the left is 2 beams welded to each other, they are 2x1" Aluminum 6061-T6, with a 1/8" wall thickness. The yellow lines indicate the location of the weld. A force of 216 lbs is...
  5. rogdal

    Gas in a box with Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution

    I have considered two scenarios: 1) A particle that has just collided with the wall at ##z=L## is moving with a velocity ##v_z<0## moving away from the wall. Hence, the probability that this particle has of colliding again is ##0##, so its distribution is also ##0##. 2) A particle moving with...
  6. E

    I Is There a Better Model for the Relationship Between Friction and Velocity?

    Let say a package is entering a conveyor belt (velocity ##w##) at zero initial velocity ##v## in the direction of the conveyor. Initially the package slips as its being accelerated (from rest) to conveyor belt speed. A linear drag force seems reasonable to me for a model: $$ \beta( \mu, N ) (...
  7. BurpHa

    Static Friction Between a Box and the Floor

    I don't understand part (b) In part (a), I need to calculate the coefficient of the static friction: mg * \mu_static = 35 58.8 * \mu_static = 35 \mu_static = 35 / 58.8 \approx 0.6 So from part (a) I know that the force applied is equal to the static friction, meaning that the box cannot...
  8. Rikudo

    Choose a ball at random from a randomly selected box - alternative way

    https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/choosing-a-ball-at-random-from-a-randomly-selected-box.1034377/ First of all, I would like to point out that this is the same exact question from what is being discussed in the thread above. In that thread, the problem is solved by adding the probability...
  9. kmm

    I Shankar on constraints and free parameters for a particle in a box

    On page 160 in Shankar, he discusses how we get quantized energy levels of bound states - specifically for the particle in a box. We have three regions in space; region I from ## \ - \infty, -L/2 ##, region II from ## \ -L/2, L/2 ##, and region III from ## \ L/2, \infty ##. For the...
  10. C

    I Probability of White Ball in Box of 120 Balls: Solved!

    Problem: In a box there are ##120## balls with ## X ## of them being white and ## 120 - X ## being red for random variable ##X##. We know that ## E[ X] = 30 ##. We are taking out ## k ## balls randomly and with returning ( we return each ball we take out, so there is equal probability for each...
  11. D

    A box with the mass m = 25 kg is sliding up a hill

    What I have already attempted is on my Ipad and I don't know how to upload it on here. With hope of help DJ
  12. L

    Finding the Volume of a Slightly non-Rectangular Box

    I have a storage tote that has a larger top than bottom. How do I figure out its volume? Is this like a 3D trapezoid? Can I measure the volume of the rectangle assuming the top is the same as the bottom, then as if the bottom were the same as the top, then just subtract the two?
  13. theanswer2physicsisu

    Force and Kinematics -- Accelerating a 10kg box vertically

    I realize that there is a downward force of gravity weighing the object toward earth’s surface, equaling F = mg (downward). The upward force would have to be something at least as much as the downward force in order to lift the object up ”such that it is accelerated from rest to a velocity of 5...
  14. rstor

    Two workers pull horizontally on a heavy box

    My solution for finding the direction of the smaller pull is slightly off from the text solution. I am unsure why. Assuming the larger vector is ##\vec B##, the smaller ##\vec A##, and the resultant ##\vec C##. My solution for the direction of this smaller pull (for the smaller pull in quadrant...
  15. D

    Minimum Length of Cuts for Unfolding Box Into Flat Sheet?

    Hi everyone I got 36 cm as the answer for the following problem, but it's supposed to be 32cm. These are the cuts I have 4 x 5cm = 20cm 2 x 3cm = 6 cm 1 x 10cm = 10cm which adds up to 36cm. I can get 32cm with 4x3=12 2x5=10 1x10=10 But I don't think that would be the correct net. Is...
  16. LCSphysicist

    Particle in a box that suddenly expands

    My approach was: $$\psi_{2g} = \sqrt{1/L}sin(\frac{n \pi x}{2L}) = \sum c_n \sqrt {\frac{2}{L}} sin(\frac{n \pi x}{L})$$ Summarizing what i have done after that (Fourier series and sum of infinite series), we get the result realizing that, what we want matematically is ##P## $$P =...
  17. E

    Mechanisms to secure items in a box

    Hi I am having some difficulties in my design and I hope I can get some insights on this. I am using a robot to transfer a stack of thin rectangular blocks (roughly 5mm each) into a box. However, I am having some difficulties thinking how to secure the items in the 3 axis without compromising on...
  18. guyvsdcsniper

    Rectangular Box with two non zero potential faces

    I believe what I have to do to solve this problem is find the potential at each end face and then use the super position principle to find the net potential. So my boundary condition v and iv will give the potential at each respective position. Im just a bit confused about my boundary V...
  19. Pouyan

    Interpreting Statistical Questions: Ice Hockey Player Diff.

    The solution in my book: 5/4 = 1.25. That is 25 % more. What I came up with: I thought that now we have totally 9 players. So A: 4/9 and B: 5/9. The difference is 1/9 which is about 11%! A friend told me : The difference between B & A is 5-4=1 The changing rate is (5-4)/5 = 0.2 ! So B has 20...
  20. Y

    Friction on a box in the bed of a pickup truck accelerating up an incline

    hey i would like to get some help with this question i try to answer it but it was not correct i like to know what i did wrong and how i can fix it:
  21. K

    I Schrodinger equation for N particles in a box

    [Pathria, statistical mechanics][1], pg2 ,when discussing ##N## particles in a volume ##V## "...there will be a large number of different ways in which the total energy E of the system can be distributed among the N particles constituting it. Each of these (different) ways specifies a...
  22. Spinnor

    I Back of the envelope estimate, energy flow in a box of plasma

    Say we look at a spherical region of the sun where energy is mainly transported by radiation. Say this happens between some particular radius R and R + dr. Let the temperature at R be giving by T(r). At this particular radius let the gravitational acceleration be a reasonably well know function...
  23. altruan23

    Engineering Black box which contains 5x 1ohm resistors

    You are given a black box with three terminals, as shown below. The box is known to contain five 1-ohm resistors. Using an ohm-meter, you measure the resistance between the terminals to be the following: A - B: 1.5 ohms B - C: 3 ohms A - C: 2.5 ohms Determine the configuration of the five...
  24. H

    Microstates for a gas of hard spheres in a box

    Hi, I have to found the number of microstates for a gas of N spheres of radius r and volume v in box taking into account the reduced volume after each sphere. V sphere << V box. I'm struggling to find the microstates in general. I don't see how to find the number of microstates without knowing...
  25. K

    I Help Designing a Resonance Box for Tuning Forks

    I got these tuning forks from someone. However, I do not have the resonant box for amplification of the sound. I decided to get it made so that I can experience the fundamental frequency (and other harmonics) more clearly. I am planning to provide this design. In summary, the box would be...
  26. K

    I Equiprobability of Particles in an Isolated Box

    Suppose we've an isolated box having ##N## classical distinguishable particles in it, the box being hypothetically divided into two parts, left and right with both parts identical. Its said that the probability of having the configuration of ##n## particles in the left side is given as...
  27. Twigg

    I Does putting a hydrogen atom in a box mix angular momentum states?

    If you put a hydrogen atom in a box (##\psi=0## on the walls of the box), spherical symmetry will be broken so ##n##,##l##,##m_l## are no longer guaranteed to be good quantum numbers. In general, the new solutions will be a linear combination of all the ##|n,l,m_l\rangle## states. I know that...
  28. Hamiltonian

    I Writing the wave function solutions for a particle in a 2-D box

    The final wave function solutions for a particle trapped in an infinite square well is written as: $$\Psi(x,t) = \Sigma_{n=1}^{\infty} C_n\sqrt{\frac{2}{L_x}}sin(\frac{n\pi}{L_x}x)e^{-\frac{in^2{\pi}^2\hbar t}{2m{L_x}^2}}$$ The square of the coefficient ##C_n## i.e. ##{|C_n|}^2## is...
  29. Mayhem

    Particle in a box: Finding <T> of an electron given a wave function

    If ##\hat{T} = -\frac{\hbar}{2m}\frac{\mathrm{d^2} }{\mathrm{d} x^2}##, then the expectation value of the kinetic energy should be given as: $$\begin{align*} \left \langle T \right \rangle &= \int_{0}^{L} \sqrt{\frac{2}{L}} \sin{\left(\frac{\pi x}{L}\right)}...
  30. S

    Newton's law problem: Helicopter lifting a box with a rope

    Forces: Box--> W(weight) and T(tension) Rope-->T1(reaction of T) and T2(because of the helicopter) So first i calculated Weight: W=mg=400*10=4000N In order to find the acceleration i should use Newton's 2nd law so: (Box) : T - W = ma T - 4000=400a The problem is with the rope...
  31. Mayhem

    Zero-point energy of diatomic hydrogen (particle in a box)

    If we take ##H_2## as a "particle" in a box, can the zero-point energy of the overall molecule be calculated as the sum of the zero-point energies of all particles in ##H_2##? That is $$E_ {1,H_2}=\frac{2h^2}{8m_{\mathrm{H^+}}L^2} + \frac{2h^2}{8m_{\mathrm{e^-}}L^2}=...
  32. SpaceThoughts

    I Changing the RPM of a frictionless spinning wheel in a box

    Imagine a spinning wheel built into a hand size vacuum box. There is no friction between the axe bearings of the wheel and the box. Let's say that the wheel rotates with 60 RPM. Am I right if I assume: 1. The wheel continues to rotate, approximately as if in space. 2. It is not possible to...
  33. S

    MHB Calculate the Length & Potential Energy of a Sliding Box on a Ramp

    A ramp rises 10cm for every 80cm along the sloping surface. A box of mass 50 kg slides down the ramp starting from rest at the top of the ramp. The coefficient of friction between the ramp and the box is 0.03 and no other resistance acts. The box is traveling at 2 m/s when it reaches the bottom...
  34. J O Linton

    B Cosmological Red Shift in a Perfectly Reflecting Box

    When a photon travels from a distant galaxy to us it undergoes an increase in wavelength due to the expansion of the universe during the time of flight. On the other hand, physical objects such as atoms and galaxies do not undergo a similar expansion because they are bound together by...
  35. M

    I Box & Whisker Plot: When, How & Difference

    I know the steps of box and whisker plot, but when should I use it? how can I classify its problems?, what is the difference between it and other statistical methods?
  36. G

    Mirror box with 1 candela of luminous intensity light source

    considering that a simple mirror may reflect 99.9% of the visible light
  37. S

    Motion of box on inclined plane connected by spring to a wall

    a) When the system is in motion for the first time, the force causing ##M## to move is contact force with ##m## so: $$\Sigma F=M.a$$ $$N \sin \alpha=M.a$$ $$mg \cos \alpha \sin \alpha =M.a$$ $$a=\frac{mg \cos \alpha \sin \alpha}{M}$$ Is that correct? b) Is acceleration of ##m## the same as...
  38. lekh2003

    Momentum of Electron in a Box (IB Physics QM)

    Here's the question ^ My first thought to solving this is to use Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. $$\Delta x \Delta p = \frac{h}{4\pi}$$ Now, we approximate ##\Delta x = \frac{L}{2}##. Then, plug and chug we end up with:$$p =\frac{h}{2\pi L}$$ I thought this was it, especially because this...
  39. docnet

    Proton in a 1D Box: Energy, Probability, Speed

    a proton is confined to an infinite potential well of width ##a=8fm##. The proton is in the state $$\psi(x,0)=\sqrt{\frac{4}{56}}sin\Big(\frac{\pi x}{8}\Big)+\sqrt{\frac{2}{56}}sin\Big(\frac{2\pi x}{8}\Big)+\sqrt{\frac{8}{56}}sin\Big(\frac{3\pi x}{8}\Big)$$ (a) What are the values of energy...
  40. docnet

    Energy degeneracy in a cubical box

    For one-dimensional binding potential, a unique energy corresponds to a unique quantum state of the bound particle. In contrast, a particle of unique energy bound in a three-dimensional potential may be in one of several different quantum states. For example, suppose that the three-dimensional...
  41. P

    I 100 boxes of Length L, an application of the famous Particle in A Box

    Suppose I have 100 identical boxes of length L and the coordinates are x=0 at one end of the box and x=L at the other end, for each of them. Each has a particle of mass m. V=0 in [0,L], while it's equal to infinity in the rest of the regions. If I make a measurement on position of the particle...
  42. EE Nicole

    I Basic Equation but with Box Brackets

    This may be very simple but I'm having trouble working it out and the calculator isn't giveing me the result I need. Below is the example calculation: 1020000*0.5*[(1.10)1.5-1]= 78382 Here is the one I am having trouble working on 207559*0.5*[(1.10)1.5-1]= If someone could also show me how...
  43. Jason-Li

    Operational Amplifiers & Resistors to form a Black Box

    So basically I am trying to give an output of Vo = 10(V2-V1) From Figure 9 Example Gain of first Op Amp = Rf / R1, if R1 & R2 are equal. What's throwing me off is using 5 resistors to create a circuit rather than 6 or just 3. My initial thoughts were the following: To use the first loop...
  44. S

    Engineering How to solve a circuit mystery box?

    How can I solve a ciruit mystery box only knowing there are 5 identical resistors inside. I have two boxes to solve, one they're all in serie and the other is a combination serie and parallele. Each mystery box has 6 nodes and i can connect 2 nodes at a time to an ohmmeter. If i take the one...
  45. S

    How to solve a circuit mystery box

    How can I solve a ciruit mystery box only knowing there are 5 identical resistors inside. I have two to solve, one they're all in serie and the other is a combination serie and parallele. My mystery box has 6 «plugs» and i can connect 2 plugs at a time to an ohmmeter. I've been trying for days...
  46. P

    Particle in a box : Schrodinger Eq

    Hi, I'm trying to prove a wave equation of particle in a box situation. In many solutions, they used a equation like Eq = Asin(kx)+Bcos(kx). Instead, I want to prove using Eq = Aexp(ikx) + Bexp(-ikx). So, this is my solution. However, the original (well-known) solution is without i. (psi =...
  47. aspodkfpo

    Box with a jumper/blanket on top, cooling or heating?

    Apparently the answer is to have the jumper over the bucket. Am I wrong in thinking that the jumper transfers heat to the ice cream, why does it not do so? A similar question elsewhere was "Colin claims to have built a refrigerator alternative which works without any power supply. It is a box...