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Particles that are traveling towards the past

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    I read about an experiment, showing how present or future can affect the past, instead of details will simply share the link.


    Is there any study (I wasn't able to find with some research) about how a particle or wave would behave with a time vector towards the past in our universe? And its effects on our perspective?

    Would a vector towards the past mean instantaneous movement in coordinates towards the source of the particle or the wave?
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    To be blunt backward causation is a load of the proverbial - as one of the comments at the end of the article says:
    'Classical causality is the one thing we can count on in an era of bad and untestable physics.;

    In Special Relativity there are powerful arguments PROVING it cant be done.

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    Physicsworld.com is not an acceptable peer-reviewed source. This thread is closed.
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